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The new guide for our new home: All you should know if you want to come to the Metropolitano

2017.10.21 13:27 sierrazas The new guide for our new home: All you should know if you want to come to the Metropolitano

What’s up folks, it’s been some time but finally it’s here, a comprehensive guide about all you need to know if you are planning to pay a visit to our new home, buy tickets, enjoy the city, and meet some colchoneros.
How to get to the Metropolitano
The stadium, located in Avenida de Arcentales, is located in the Northeast of Madrid.
-From the airport:
If you are planning to go from Barajas airport, your best bet is to take a taxi/Uber. Metro makes you do a big roundup, and buses (lines 101 and 200) leave you in Canillejas, which is 20 min away from the stadium.
From now, I’m just gonna copy the info Madrid gave us about mobility and transportation:
-Access by car:
Not much advised. You should go 2 hours before the start of the match to avoid traffic jams (more so if you plan to go in the 18-20 h interval when all the people comes back home from work).
Biggest entrance is located in this point. They are even making a new lane to absorb all the new traffic.
Be careful if trying to go from Canillejas all the way Avenida Luis Aragonés, since where I put the dot the road could be interrupted.
There’s not much parking zones around the stadium unless you are abonado and pay the parking fee. Your best bet is going really early, and to avoid traffic jams, try to go to alternative exits or go through the city (calle Alcalá is pretty close, then you can go almost wherever you want).
-Public Transportation:
There’s only a Metro station called Estadio Metropolitano, which is part of Linea 7 (Orange one). There are also other 3 metro stations kinda close to the stadium, Las Musas (just the inmediate stop before the stadium one, also Linea 7), Las Rosas (Linea 2, red one, 15 mins away walking aprox), and Canillejas(Linea 5, light green one, 20 mins away walking. This one has the advantage of having a Special Service bus for match days, which has a stop in Plaza de Grecia, and has waiting times of 5 mins).
Stadium station as you can guess gets very packed before and after the match, so, again, come earlier, wait a bit to go, or walk to another station if you don’t want to be part of a huge mass of people.
If you plan to take a bus, these are the lines which have a stop near the Stadium:
• Línea 28: Puerta de Alcalá-Barrio de Canillejas.
• Línea 38: Manuel Becerra-Las Rosas.
• Línea 140: Pavones-Canillejas.
• Línea E2: Felipe II-Las Rosas.
If you party hard around the stadium area and need to go back to the downtown, there are also 2 night lines (Madrid buses usually stop around 23-00): N5 and N6.
Sadly, there’s no Renfe/Cercanias station in the surrounding areas, but you can get a train to Coslada and then take the Metro, being only 2 stops and going in the opposite direction of the majority of the people. There’s also a parking around the station, so if you want to go by car, this is not a bad solution.
Anyway, I just leave here this gathered by the club, which sums up all the options of public transportation.
What to do pre match
Here i'll need your help guys to post your ideas and i'll be adding them here. I'll post some of myself:
We need to take 2 things into account:
First of all, this is not an US/UK style of league, so this makes the schedule a bit trickier (constant moves for european/nt/cup reasons), so the club usually releases tickets one or two weeks in advance of the date of the match. Anyway, one month before that weekend, the club announces in his ticketing section when those tickets would be available (1 or 2 days before for socios, and then for general public).
Second one is where do we get the tickets. The best way to do that is buying them in the club website. If not, you can go to or Ticketmaster and check it out.
If you plan to go to 2+ games in a season, i encouragely recommend you to make you a Socio No Abonado for 50 € each season. This grants you a match (not Madrid or Barça), and that juicy discount for the rest of the games, so if you plan to go to two matches, it breaks even, but if you plan to go to more, it's definitely worth the investment. Also, you get a 10% discount on the Official Store.
Where should i buy my seats?
Map of the seats
The best areas to buy the seats are depending on your preference. The best view is of course on both sides. If you are more into nonstop chants, then try the south end. You can't buy tickets for the lower south end because that's where the ultras stay, but the south east corner and the south higher stands are really close to them and you get to experience it like crazy. High north end is for visitor fans.
The Process:
Once you are in the page to buy the tickets, you will get an option to "validate" a member. This part is not mandatory, but if you are socio no abonado, or a socio has lend you his number & PIN, you can get a discount for each validated socio, so if you have one number, you get a discount over one ticket. Below the socio validation, you can choose the seats. The price depends on the area (this part could be expanded on a separate linked article). The cheapest seats are on the sides (Laterales) since that TV law came off. The noisiest fans are on the "Fondo Sur" and the away fans are on the "Fondo Norte", usually on the upper left area and separated by empty spaces. Then you have the "Lateral Este" and "Lateral Oeste". Cheapest tickets are in Lateral Oeste zone, which is the old stand of La Peineta.
Following the buying process, you will have to choose how do you want to get the tickets:
Now they will request some personal information. It is advised to provide real information just in case there was any problem to get the tickets. On the next page you will have to choose the payment information and you will be ready to go to Vicente Calderón!
For US fans, sinesoma shared with us that he was able to purchase tickets through with an US credit card for a nominal fee of 2.50 euros per ticket.
What to do in Madrid?
Since people usually don’t come just for only the match, I’ll just give my 2 cents here on what you could do to have a nice time here :).
Characteristic food here is the bocata the calamares (squid sandwich, go to Plaza Mayor (i'd recommend you Casa Rúa). Cocido madrileño is a must (a soup with a lot of things, from vegetables to chorizo and some meat), unfortunately i don't know good cocido places since my mother is a beast at it haha so maybe someone could help you in this aspect.
About the drinks and where to go, first of all, if you like beer, just ask for Mahou. Their fabric was right next to the Calderon, but they moved for the same reasons we did. And you can go out almost everywhere on Madrid, but best places are Malasaña (Tribunal station area), La Latina (same name station), or Lavapiés (close to La Latina, same name station).
Things that you have to see:
Have a nice stay :)
And that's it folks. Hope you find this useful.
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