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2020.09.17 20:49 AltToRant123 Frustration keeps increasing

Salaam all, sorry for adding to the number of posts where people just vent, but I needed a place to let off some steam and thought this was a good a place as any since I may get some duas out of it.
Using an alt, of course.
I don't get why this has been so hard. I tried for 3 years through my parents/more traditional ways. It was just one mess after another. Really damaged my relationship with my parents. Very few moved past the biodata stage (some I rejected but most were other way around) and the ones that did, just felt no spark or connection. I'd text and get answers days, weeks later. I'm the type of person who needs to see enthusiasm from the other person to really get excited, maybe that's a flaw of mine, but it was really hard to even get conversations going.
So I transitioned to the apps. 7 months, I think a total of <10 matches. Some matches never respond. Some talk for a couple days and then disappear with no trace. I know Instant Matches can be kinda sketchy but I still tried and most don't even open (which is totally fine since they didn't match with me, but still, at one point you just get sadder and sadder about it). The one person I did have good communication with, we decided not to move forward due to lifestyle differences (it was amicable, just realized it wasn't a good match, but it did show that I was capable of actually, you know, talking to someone).
Based on Muzmatch, looks like a lot of the people I like don't even visit my profile, even though I'm even on the Premium. Feels like I'm just aimlessly scrolling sometimes.
Even talked to a couple people from the ISO. One I had a really good conversation with for a few weeks but they decided not to move forward as they weren't really sure about what they wanted (which is fine, it was just sad because it was the best conversation I had with someone). Another one showed a lot of initial interest and now goes days without answering, only to say some vague things when they do respond.
I can't really talk to my parents or sister about this because my sister went through something awful regarding her own marriage recently and I don't wanna bring down the family even more by talking about my own stuff. But I can feel myself growing more irritable with loved ones and just wonder how much worse it could get the longer I feel stuck in this predicament.
Sometimes I wish the ideal person would literally just walk through the door just so I could stop having to deal with it.
Obviously trying to stay patient, asking Allah for guidance and comfort, and it works for the most part. But every now and then I just get too down in the dumps, when it feels like nothing is working.
So yeah, no real point to this, just needed to get stuff off my chest.
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2020.09.15 12:23 as22df Parents/ guys seeking a non-hijabi?

I've been coming across a lot of guys thru my mom/ rishta aunties who specifically want a non-hijabi. I am shocked because we are all Muslim here and I don't understand what's so bad about wearing hijab!
I came across one of these guys on muzmatch, he marked himself as very religious and "always prays" but his rishta aunty profile said no hijabis.
Also, it seems like moms really care about this one. If anyone here knows the reasoning behind this, please explain it to me! This seems to be a common thing among desis, it's making it really hard to find someone :/
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2020.09.10 14:48 chillinzero To all people who think they will never find someone. Pls read this.

... I know how it feels and I have been there. For the past year I have been unhappy with the situation and didn’t understand why I can’t seem to find someone. I was depressed and sometimes I thought that Allah swt doesn’t want me to get married. I was frustrated.
However, something happened in the past few days that changed my entire perspective on life and the purpose on why we are here. My brother in law passed away a few days ago. He was like a real brother to me. In June he was diagnosed with cancer and he didn’t make it not because of the cancer itself but because of the chemotherapy. The chemo destroyed his lungs, his brain. Later that Saturday night he passed away and there was nothing anybody could do.
Subhanallah it changed everything. For me everything is different now and it shocked me. My sister and my niece have no husband/father anymore. Everyone is devastated and financial problems resulted in this since he was a successful doctor and earned good money. We as a family need to help my sister now but alhamdulilah we will manage somehow.
You see he was healthy a few months ago and suddenly he felt a little sick and the doctors diagnosed blood cancer. Everything happened so fast and his death was so sudden. Nobody expected it.
I deleted my Muzmatch account and stopped searching not because I am busy now with funeral and all but because all that seems irrelevant to me now. And yeah you can say give it time and maybe you will behave like your old self. However, this was such a strong reminder and I haven’t felt that much pain since my father passed away while I was 13. I am 34 now.
Sometimes we forget why we are here in the first place and I felt so stupid for behaving like a child before. Is it really the end of the world if you/I can’t get married? Think about it! Are you here to get married or to serve your Lord. For me it brought me closer to Allah swt and I am really happy If I can do something that pleases Allah swt even If it is a small good deed. I really hope Allah swt will forgive me for all the stupid things that I thought or said.
Tomorrow is the will be difficult.
I just wanted to tell you guys. There is more to life than to get married.
May Allah swt protect you all and forgive our sins.
EDIT: he was only 41 years old. 6 years older than me. Think about that. He had his own private practice and was a fit and young man. No health issues. He left a wife and a 4 year old daughter behind. Imagine explaining to her that her father won’t come back anymore. We took our time and subhanAllah what a strong girl she is. She accepted it and said that we will see him again soon. She didn’t even cry. Mashaallah
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2020.09.09 10:14 anon20308 Talking to 2 potentials

Salam guys,

Recently I had matched with 2 girls on the same day on muzmatch, and I started talking with both of them. Normally the place where I live muzmatch isn't that popular so its rare to get a match and start to talk.

So I thought I'd gauge them a little and depending on the person, break off quick before it'd get serious or get to point with no return.

So after 3 days one of them asked if I was talking to somebody else on MM, and I truthfully told het I was and she went off on me. We didn't have any agreement on exclusivity and didn't talk about it either but I feel like such a prick right now.

I Told her we could stop for now if it bothered her, but I feel like she blew it a bit out of proportion. I'd understand if we'd talk for weeks or months but after 3 days? I told her its impossible to get to know somebody in 3 days and already make a commitment, but she really took offence. I never would want to play with people's feelings that's why I feel like a total d*uchebag right now or am I tripping?

Edit: I deleted the app anyway.
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2020.09.05 23:32 3osban Getting something off my chest 😔

There has been this guy which I liked for a very long time but because we have no mutual friends there was no way of getting to him. Recently I decided to download muzmatch and to my surprise his profile was one of the first few. Yet it seems like he has uninstalled it .... so back to no hope again.
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2020.09.05 00:13 imhere4tea The search continues ...

Asalaamu ‘Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Feeling a bit fed up :/
I’ve just turned 25 and I really hoped I would’ve met the one by now. So far it’s been failed talking stages or for some reason or the other it hasn’t worked out. I know it’s meant to be so Alhamdulilah.
One thing that I keep coming across is men who just can’t handle a sister who’s actually doing things for herself. I’ve always been independent and Alhamdulilah that’s how me and my siblings were raised to be.
Also, I don’t know if anyone else has felt like this but I’m struggling with finding someone who is balanced between deen and dunya. Someone who’s is educated but also knows their deen and is actively seeking knowledge.
My parents are somali and are very laid back with the search. I’ve gotten my brothers involved every-time a talking stage has occurred so there is a mahram involved. I’ve tried being introduced to people through family and friends which didn’t work out as either people overly compliment someone and they aren’t who they deem or they barely know the person.
I’ve also tried muzmatch which is a no for the moment. Didn’t have a good experience. The brother was lovely and over time red flags occurred and he turned out to be controlling 🙃
I’m beginning to wonder if I should consider any other avenues. For those who are married, how did you meet your spouse? For those who are still searching, how are you going about it?
Any advice would be much appreciated
May Allah bless you all.
Edit: I know I was really vague. Okay so it’s been exactly a year since I started the search. So not too long. In that year there have been a few potentials however some had sent upfront what they edo ted from a wife it wouldn’t have been me so we politely rejected. During this year I have had two talking stages
1) the brother was nice but clearly still hurt over an ex. Kept deflecting their hurt onto me and it wasn’t healthy. They had a lot going for them but had not healed. Had to end it as I couldn’t see it going anywhere at that moment in time.
2) this brother has been the longest talking stage. 5 months. Really nice guy. We got on however as time went on I got to see more of his personality which I didn’t like ( anger is a no no for me) also they were controlling which is not good especially if you haven’t reached the stage of marriage. I did try to speak to him to see if there could be anything that worked on but he’s only answer was let’s get married 😬
Also I’ve been working in my graduate job full time for the last 3 years and I am due to start my masters In shaa’Allaah.
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2020.09.01 17:37 trueworldnews Why can't I find any Libyans on muzmatch ?? [/u/3osban]

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2020.09.01 15:55 Evening-Manager Seeking Advice - Potential Spouse

Salam alaykum everyone,
I was introduced to a brother who lives Africa by my aunt who also lives in Africa, back in May of 2019 (I live in the US). She knows the brother very well and she wanted us to get to know each other. I hesitantly said okay even though, at the time I was getting to know someone that I actually really liked but it was too complicated to continue it.
Me and the brother who my aunt introduced me to started talking about June 2019 but I was not really interested in getting to know him..I could not put my finger on it but it was just something about him that I couldn't connect with. About July of 2019 I told him that I really did not want to waste his time and I decided to end communication with him. Shortly after that, I created a Muzmatch account and quickly hit it off with a brother on there. Things were going really fast with him...within weeks we exchanged numbers, saw each other multiple times in person..he even came to my house to see my parents, but it swiftly ended because we had a disagreement and I didn't like how he handled the situation. He already told me that he had anger issues when we first started getting to know each other so I chose not to continue because of the fears and doubts I had about him.
Shortly after that, my mom suggested that I should start talking to the brother that my aunt introduced me to back in May..and again, I hesitantly said okay. Ever since then we have been talking and trying to get to know each other, although its been super difficult..we go some days without saying much of anything to each other. We do not have much in common..but he does have the two most important features to look for in a spouse: deen and character. He has told me that he loves me but I sadly don't feel anything for him. We were able to see each other in person when I traveled on vacation to Africa..there wasn't any sparks but I just tried to go along with it. Everyone that I know that knows him says that he is a very nice guy but its been over a year and I still have doubts about him. I have prayed istikarah multiple times throughout the year and every time I perform the prayer, the same day I don't want to speak to him and doubts start to fill my mind. About three times within the year that we have been communicating, I have tried to end things with him but long story, short, we continue talking again.
Im also conflicted because my mom adores the guy for some reason and whenever I tell her that I do not want to continue speaking to the brother, she convinces me that I should and that there is not any better guy out there.
I was wondering if anyone had any advice that they can share with me. Has anyone gone through or is going through something similar?
JZK for reading..excuse the long post
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2020.08.31 15:36 icecream_lover_20 Lack of conversation

I'm currently speaking to a guy I met on Muzmatch. The first day we chatted throughout the day on the app and it seemed to go well. The following day we exchanged numbers & spoke on the phone. It was a little underwhelming to say the least. He seems pretty timid & introverted. It's understandable that some people are more confident through text. But I'm just attracted to super confident extroverted guys. We had one more phone conversation and same thing happened. The conversations were a little awkward & I had to kind of lead them. I'm going to try to push him to get out of his shell a bit more. But not sure how long to give him. I don't want to waste his time, but at the same time I don't want to miss out on a great guy.
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2020.08.31 08:51 donsoulmates How do you make time to look for a spouse?

I usually just lurk on here but I was getting tempted to re-download Muzmatch which I have only used for a few days in the past to distract myself during exam season so I though i’d vent here LOL. Im looking to get married in the next two to three years inshallah but Im scared to put myself out there because 1) Im very comfortable being by myself and 2) The marriage pool is kinda small for Black Muslim women where I live 3) I dont have a lot of free time. To give you context about myself, Im a 23F, recently completed my Bachelors and am starting a two year post-grad program in the fall. Ive always prioritized my education before entertaining relationships. I have a strong sense of who I am and wont change my appearance or personality for others. Most of my friends could find the balance between dating and focusing on school during uni but I couldn’t. Im now 23 and I don’t want to repeat that during post-grad. I dont want an arranged marriage. My parents met organically and I would like that too. Obviously due to covid its not like I can go to islamic conferences or places that happen to have tons of eligible muslim men. How have you single folks gone about courting people during a pandemic? Should I re-download muzmatch or minder or any of the current dating apps? Im pretty shy online and would prefer talking to someone face to face. Should I just ask my friends to set me up with their partners’ single friends? Im not desperate to get married but Im weary of most of my classmates starting families and Im tired of being the single friend. I welcome any helpful advice.
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2020.08.26 02:01 tonyStarksBurner Recent Immigrant need advise on dating apps

I don't know if there's someone on the same boat, but I have a weird case here.
Here it goes:
I (25 M) immigrated to the US four years ago with my parents. After the initial troubles of adjusting to a new life, I was able to complete my undergrad and get a good job, Alhamdulillah. Since past 6 months, I'm trying to find a match, and to be fair, the search has been quite exhausting to me.
I tried using Minder and Muzmatch and realized that I'm not compatible with most of the girls here. To be honest, the whole experience has been horrible; some of them were outright insulting ( made fun of my name and also got called 'FOB'). This is after I clearly mentioned where I'm from in my Bio.
Did someone who's in a similar situation as me found a partner here?
I also tried finding a match back in my home country. However, I'm unable to keep up with conversations due to difference in the time zones. This isn't working either. I'm very confused right now. I understand that there might be cultural differences with the girls in the U.S and I'm not blaming them. But the fact that I'm not able to find anyone back home is bothering me.
Do I give up the search and ask my parents for arranged marriage? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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2020.08.25 18:50 kashfida Have you downloaded Minder or Muzmatch during the pandemic?

Hello, I'm a reporter for CBC. The Muslim matchmaking apps have noticed a spike in their downloads due to the pandemic. I am working on a story about it and I wanted to speak to Muslims who did download one (or more) of them during the pandemic. If this is you, could you please get in touch? I'm looking for an interview and I will be using full names.
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2020.08.25 06:50 Define_Sunshine Healthy Muslim dating

Where is a healthy Muslim dating app that isn't muzmatch. I'm a 24 year old female who lives in Denver and I have found no luck in finding anyone out here.
It's sad if I'm being honest and kinda discouraging. Im tired of dating someone who isn't of faith cause it's just not gonna work in the long run for obvious reasons.
Any suggestions thank you
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2020.08.22 15:16 iseverythingtaken-_- Rant about muzmatch!!

This really gets on my nerves. I know a lot of people complain about people on muzmatch not being serious. But if you look at their app, it says marriage and dating app. Like why? Why does it have to say that? Of course some people are on there for dating and not serious about marriage.
And it also says for Muslims and Arabs! What is that even supposed to mean? Why point out Arab specifically?
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2020.08.20 20:54 icecream_lover_20 Small Talk

I just want to preface this by saying I hate small talk with a passion. I understand it's necessary for the first conversation or so. But if it's been days, I just can't do it.
I've been talking to this guy on Muzmatch for about 5 days now. Literally all we talked about for the first 3 days other than introductions is stupid small talk. I finally asked him a serious question about gender roles. Before I asked him the question I mentioned to him that if he was interested I'd like to get past the small talk stage. He said "I usually go with the flow as some more on the serious side and others want to set the tone before diving deeper into the important stuff".
Anyways, I'm always the one initiating the questions and he gives full answers. But I'm just over it. Another thing is that he literally lives 20 minutes drive away from me and he hasn't mentioned meeting up or even asking me for my number. Btw he is 37 years old. Should I just give up and consider this a lost cause, he doesn't seem too interested which is ok imo. Or should I ask him if he wants to meet up.
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2020.08.17 09:51 laschanas I don't have close Muslim friends and I'm not very involved in the community, how do I find someone in person?

So I've never really had close Muslim friends, acquaintances here and there yes but no close friends. All my close friends are non Muslim and some of them have tried to set me up before, I know they mean well but I can't go through with it because the men they try to set me up with are not Muslim and that's an instant dealbreaker. Makes me wish I had Muslim friends but oh well. I'm also not very involved in the Muslim or my cultural community, my parents were never involved in the masjid or our cultural community which made it hard for me to get involved on my own. I tried to get more involved through volunteering for our school MSA in uni but I found the people in my school's MSA to be so cliquey and unfriendly so it didn't work out.
I feel like most Muslims find their spouse through social connections and I just don't have them so I don't know where to find anyone. I tried Muzmatch but I just found it so offputting because the people on there are literally just assessing your looks to see if you're worthy of speaking to and it just feels really objectifying. How else am I supposed to find someone?
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What will happen if Trump bans WeChat? Can we bypass the WeChat ban?
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2020.08.14 04:38 Jedimaster006 Can someone point me in the right direction? losing hope

I've tried and tried, but I keep getting rejected and ghosted. Alhumdilah I am a good looking guy, well educated, have a good job, and I am a decent Muslim and a good simple person. I am starting to feel very hopeless..I'm on muzmatch , was on minder, used rishta aunties, different services, and my mom is helping me out too, and nothing is popping off! its like a endless loop, I know I should be patient and have sabr but is there any other sources someone can DM me about, or post, like any connections anyone knows about or any sisters on reddit that are looking that can point me in the right direction....Thank you all for your support, I hope Allah eases and shows us the light and bring us to peace.
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2020.08.11 13:30 RotiRounderThanYours Meeting organically & silly requirements

My cousin had all the apps downloaded - Muzmatch, Minder,, etc etc. This dude was on a serious wife hunt and had a long list of requirements.
He started grad school a few weeks ago and met this amazing girl in his class. She was the total opposite of what he was looking for & she barely met any of his superficial criteria (height, age, career, etc). He rejected so many girls online because they were older than him, yet here he is. They clicked & he ended up deleting all the apps to focus on her. It’s really sweet mA. I’m happy he finally found someone compatible.
I think we can have such silly requirements, especially when looking online. I think to some people, it seems like there are endless options online, so they become increasingly pickier, adding more and more silly requirements to their list. They’re constantly on a search to find the next best thing. In reality, you just need that special spark & compatibility with someone who may not even meet your superficial check list. I think it’s much easier to find that spark in person vs. online. Of course there are certain aspects I don’t think we should compromise on, like deen and akhlaq, but everything else should be negotiable.
I don’t live in a densely Muslim populated area, so it’s hard for me to meet people in person, but if I had the option, I would have definitely focused all my efforts into meeting someone organically. School, workplaces & masajid are all good avenues. I also understand many of us have exhausted these options. I’m not undermining marriage apps either. I recognize they can be incredibly beneficial & there are many success stories.
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2020.08.07 17:22 totallynotashley How to get over heartbreak and stop becoming emotionally invested too early?

In March I decided to join Muzmatch. I talked to quite a few guys and hit it off with one in particular. We seemed to have the same halal:haram ratio/level of practicing, were on board with each other’s future goals, and also found each other attractive. In May I went to his state so we could meet in person. The visit seemed to go well and I was really excited about moving forward. After I came home from the visit, the communication fizzled out, and I only heard from him about once per week. I directly asked if he was no longer interested. He said he was and that he wanted to take it slow and spend more time getting to know each other. After late June I didn’t hear from him for a month. I was disappointed, but accepted that if he wanted to talk to me he would and that he was no longer interested in me. Then in late July he started contacting me again, saying that he had been busy and that he wanted to come visit me. He got here Wednesday night and we spent the day together Thursday. I was so excited and happy to see him but felt a bit awkward because he was working on some remote work projects. I felt like I was annoying/distracting him while he was trying to work, but at the same time I was trying to spend time with him because he had traveled all this way to visit me. At first I thought maybe we were just off to an awkward start and things would pick up later because he was going to be in town for a few days and I had plans of places I was going to show him. Well, then we went to dinner last night, and I could tell it was off. It’s like my mind was saying “Talk to him!” but I just could not open my mouth. We had a few awkward exchanges, but mostly he was just looking at his phone. After dinner he told me he thought it wasn’t working and gave me the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse. I immediately broke down sobbing. I’m so devastated. I had all these ideas of how I thought out future was going to be, and now it’s all over. I spent a lot of time researching the area I was going to be moving to and looking up advice on being a good stepmom to his son from his first marriage and learning about traditions and culture in his native country.
Anyway, I know I’m not going to be ready to resume the search for quite some time, but I would really appreciate any advice on how to not become so emotionally invested in something that hasn’t happened. I think as a revert, I had this hope that getting married to a Muslim man would solve the loneliness I feel as the only Muslim in my family because then I would be forming my own new Muslim family.
Sorry if I’m rambling too much, but this just happened yesterday, and my heart is still hurting.
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2020.08.07 05:45 KurdistanNewsMod How do you get matches on Muzmatch and Minder without paying any money, as a guy?

So, I'm curious about these Muslim dating apps. Everyone seems to praise them, and talk about their success using them But do they really work?
I have personally tried to use both Minder and Muzmatch for dating and meeting people, but I barely got any matches on these apps. The only matches which I got were with people who lived really far away from me (about 1,000+ miles away). Even if I like every profile that's in the search, I cannot seem to get any matches that are close to me (within 200 miles). I live near a major American city (with a big Muslim community), so it seems a little strange that there would be so few matches.
I noticed that a lot of women on these apps are from Pakistan or India or Afghanistan. And I myself, am not from any of these countries, and my looks are more white. I wrote that I have a car, and that I'm in the medical industry, with a doctorate degree. My height is set to about 6 foot. My religion is set to Islam.
As a note, I do know that Tinder (which I do not use) scams people into paying money by giving them a lot of matches on the first day, and then almost no matches the day after that in order to get people to pay money. It's obvious these apps are a scam.
So, how exactly do you get matches on these Muslim dating apps, in America (as a guy) without paying any money? Does any guy actually GET matches on this app, like 5-10 matches a day, or is everyone barely getting any real matches?
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2020.07.31 18:57 emsiixx Cheated on by the man I wanted to marry

I'm a 26 year old virgin Muslim girl who's been searching on muzmatch for a spouse over the last two years. I've met people but for one reason or another it doesn't work out. Finally I met a 28 year old who I really clicked with and we started spending a lot of time together, pretty much every other day we'd meet.
I was so excited to have finally met someone I was interested in I didn't mind I was always the one to travel to him, I'd take him dinner, bake for him, clean his house whilst he was at work so it was nice for him etc. The entire time he would try push for a physical relationship which I kept rebuffing as much as I could but even though I should've left I didn't because it had taken me so long to find someone I liked.
For full disclosure I did fall for him and really thought we would end up married despite him trying to say we'd not have a future because he wants a physical relationship first but his actions and behaviour said something different and he kept wanting to spend time with me despite me making it clear I wouldn't have pre marital relations. Last weekend I found out he had been sleeping with another girl the entire time we had known each other, I was beyond devestated especially because I put my all into making him happy. Alhamdulilah I am still a virgin which is a huge blessing but I can't believe how cold this man was to me and that if he had had his way he would've slept with me knowing he was sleeping with someone else at the same time.
I even used to read namaz when I was with him and he'd have us listen to kwalis etc and preach to me about religion whilst he was doing this. There's not really a point to this post except to share my story and help make me feel better, alhamdulilah I've gotten over it very quickly because I know me being sad and hurt won't affect him just me so I've taken it as a learning experience so I can move on
in'sha'Allah we'll all find a suitable spouse in the end!
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