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Normies and women that don’t understand statistics and put feelings over facts should just get out

2020.06.03 23:43 NegativeCollision Normies and women that don’t understand statistics and put feelings over facts should just get out

Brutal Looks and Personality Pills incoming
Looks (In dating) A man's personality only matters to a woman if he meets her basic looks cutoff first
Women feel sexual disgust when they imagine even talking to an unattractive man
Across multiple studies; attractiveness determines romantic evaluations equally for both sexes
70% of women would avoid someone solely based on their looks, compared to 31% of men
Love at first sight can be predicted by physical attractiveness
Looks are most important in speed dating
Looks are most important in video dating
Looks are most important in blind dating
It is Looks > Personality > Money for both genders, but women lie more about it
halo pill, Your looks define perception of your personality in online dating
Being unattractive reduces men's chances of finding partners, but not women's
In short-term dating and provided many options, women care more about looks than men
Very unattractive' women are more likely to be married than other women
Women are less likely to use a condom with a more attractive male partner
A man's masculinity and physical attractiveness predicts a woman's chance of orgasm
The attractiveness gap in a couple predicts how long they wait before engaging in sex
Now for PeRSoNalITy
Women tend to be attracted to the Dark Triad—narcissism, manipulativeness, & psychopathy,%20Courtship,%20Sexual%20Love&f=false
More psychopathic men tend to receive higher attractiveness ratings from women
On PornHub, women consume most of the porn where women are violently abused and raped
62% of women have fantasies about rape and other forced sex acts,%20Courtship,%20Sexual%20Love&f=false
50% of female porn viewers admitted to watching porn involving extreme violence against women
[Women are drawn more than men to nonfiction stories of rape, murder, and serial killers(
Criminal and antisocial men have more sexual partners and have sex earlier
Antisocial, criminal and violent men have greater sexual access to women
Imprisoned serial killers, terrorists and rapists receive thousands of love letters from women
Male gang members have dramatically more female sexual partners
Childhood bullies experience greater sexual success than non-bullies
More than half of prison staff sexual misconduct involves female guards/staff
39% of hospitalized male psychopaths had consensual sex with female mental health staff
Women who claim to desire marriage and commitment are more likely to be attracted to narcissistic men
Female narcissism reduces marital quality for men, but male narcissism does not for women
Men are attracted to "nice" women, but women are not attracted to "nice" men
Vegetarian men are less attractive, likable, and masculine to women than omnivorous men
Brutal height and race pills incoming
Eugenics in action, the Dutch are tall because women wanted it so
Women are happiest with their partner's heights when they are 8.24" inches taller then them
Taller men have more partners and father more children
The most important thing to women in a man's online dating bio is that he claims to be 6' tall
Taller men report more satisfaction in their romantic relationships than shorter men Edit
The strongest predictors of "never been kissed" include being introverted, neurotic, going to an honors college, and being Asian-American
Lefkowitz et al. 2018)](
White and Asian women agree white men are 30-50% more attractive than Asian men
Across America, women most desire white men, followed by black, Hispanic, and Asian men
Women enforce stricter racial requirements than men, advantaging primarily white men
[Whiter, golden, & rosier (ie. Caucasian) skin is seen as healthier and more attractive]
Women who don't express a 'racial preference' in dating behave the same as women who do (meaning that they lie)
Racism in dating is stable or worsening, not improving, over time
Women are more racist in online dating, and 92-95% with a "preference" exclude any ethnic men
Women rate 80% of men as "below medium", while men rate women on a bell curve
8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man An analysis of modern DNA uncovers a rough dating scene after the advent of agriculture
If anyone of you want access to more Blackpill truths, that go beyond dating, either take a look at Blackpillscience or
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