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Ladyboy at 1553 ECHO PARK AV LOS ANGELES CA 90026 USA. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 2 shipments. The compilation, repackaging, dissemination or other use of this Data is expressly prohibited without our prior written consent. We reserve the right to terminate your access to the WHOIS database at our sole discretion, including without limitation, for excessive querying of the WHOIS database or for failure to otherwise abide by this policy. The ladyboy phenomenon is very well accepted in Thailand, well-integrated into social and daily life. Probably your gardener, home designer or working colleague could be a ladyboy, and you wouldn’t change a bit of your attitude. That seems to be a personal choice, and they are often fun to be around. WeMatcher: Free Random Video Chat & Encounters. Welcome to WeMatcher, the new Encounters Social Network created to help YOU meet millions of new friends from all over the world, by the comfort of your own device. This was the cruel hidden camera prank a woman played on her boyfriend after he had a few too many drinks in Bangkok. The Czech woman, named only as Lenka, decided to hire a ladyboy to scare her ... Model Index Database. View Photos. Powered by SmugMug Owner Log In Owner Log In Schoolgirl Night at Sapphire Club from October 2017. Sapphire Club is located in Soi 15, Walking Street Pattaya and is one of the most popular bars and nightclubs in the city. Its not hard to see why. Internationally famous DJs hit the decks and the Sapphire Sweeties turn out in sexy schoolgirl outfits! A ladyboy is a transgendered or transvestite individual in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, for example, they are openly tolerated if not embraced and even regarded as good luck charms. My story takes place between Christmas and New Year’s last year, on Phuket. LOL, no, 'ladyboy' is the transliteration of [italic]kathoey,[/italic] the word Thais use for pre-op trannies. by LadyBoy GaGa: reply 16: 06/20/2009: So he's saying he knows he would frequent trans? So which is better for his family? That David likes to pick up transsexuals or that he died jacking off while hanging? by LadyBoy GaGa: Perform data analysis to better understand and design countermeasures against these activities; ... MyLadyboyDate is the first decent dating site for transsexual women (aka ladyboy in Asia). Made with love, by an original trans couple. My Ladyboy Date is owned and operated by Building Bridges Limited, Hong Kong

My girlfriend lost literally 900+ hours of Animal Crossing and she’s crushed. Nintendo, you seriously need to do something about backing up save files.

2020.04.22 03:15 the-celtic-crusader My girlfriend lost literally 900+ hours of Animal Crossing and she’s crushed. Nintendo, you seriously need to do something about backing up save files.

So, to make a long story longer, my girlfriend has been playing Animal Crossing every day since pre-launch and it’s been a real salvation for her during these tough quarantine times, because we are all in the same boat.
Yesterday I woke up to a text from her saying “something happened to my save file. It said something about corrupted/damaged save data. All my stuff is gone. My island is gone.”
Just reading the text stirred so many emotions: anger, sadness, shock. I developed PTSD from this stress. I texted her back and started researching, hoping for a solution. I even applied to Nintendo to get an inside scoop, and am waiting for a response. I found a few posts of people who had been in similar situations, but none of them had found a way to get their save file back.
After about 2 minutes of searching, I realized that her save file was most likely gone for good, but I couldn’t accept this so I continued, hoping to find some miracle post or solution...
And there it was! Cloud saving! I knew that my ladyboy had purchased Nintendo online to play animal crossing with her friends, and the cloud service included with Nintendo online claimed to save everything automatically, with the exception of Animal Crossing, which they said from day one would not save to the cloud, but I conveniently ignored. I had her check her backups... but again, nothing was there.
Then I found out to my utter shock that Nintendo had decided to not support cloud saving on Animal Crossing, for reasons not worth mentioning to keep this story long.
So yes, the save file is gone forever and there’s nothing she can do about it(for now).
I know what some of you might be thinking. We both know it’s just a game and that she can start over, but to know that all that time she put into the game has been wiped—all her villagers, her items, her money(bells), her “cute outfits”—they’re all gone and there’s no reliable solution to getting them back is heartbreaking to say the least. I don’t even play the game and I felt some rather intense sadness about it all, because I know how much time, love and care she put into the game.
It also didn’t help that it was our 8 year anniversary yesterday—a day we hoped would come and go problem free. We still had a great day: we cooked rats(was good), and I did my best to remember all her villagers and I made a little card for her and did funny voices and played peekaboo with her. But knowing that this was a problem outside of her control, knowing that electronics can crap out any minute with no warning, and wondering if it could have been prevented is beyond irritating. It really is PTSD inducing, but the bright side is she already has PTSD from her ex who played WoW, so we are in the clear here.
So here’s to hoping that Nintendo gets their shit together and figures something out soon, I am so sick of these indie companies not being a top AAA quality brand.
She started a new save file and I swear if this one deletes itself too I may just have to buy all the Nintendo stock and become the CEO myself.
Not really but... really.
Thanks for reading. Give me some likes and follow me on Twitter. I’ll even do a tic tok if this reaches 3 likes!
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2019.05.03 01:38 ihasanemail [~1 year update] 38/m/single. $2.3 million. Submitted my resignation letter today. Thank you guys for the encouragement all these years.

Link to original thread. I FIREd and quit my job in the US last year, then moved to Thailand to volunteer at a non-profit teaching English to former prostitutes and low-level criminals for tourism industry jobs. I'm an American, ethnically Chinese.
I knew the cost of living in Bangkok would be substantially cheaper than what I am used to paying, but I was not prepared as to how much cheaper. My apartment and utilities were provided for free by the non-profit and I lived with my fellow expat volunteers. Some were older couples who wanted their privacy, so they booked their own apartments. Costs ranged from as low as $200 a month for a cheap, non-furnished studio apartment to $375 a month for a furnished studio in a newer building near a Skytrain station in the center of town with security. I was pleasantly surprised that because I was in the country on a sponsored work visa, I was eligible to buy health insurance there as a local. It came out to about $150 a month. Getting international expat health insurance here in America would have cost me up to $500 a month, so a huge savings. I also rarely ate at home and never cooked, since Bangkok is one of the great street food capitals of the world. All kinds of Thai, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arab food served on the street for about 35 to 70 baht each entree (~1 to 2 bucks USD). I ended up not getting a local cell phone or local cell plan, my Sprint plan included international roaming and the 2G data was okay for Google Maps and web/email use when I was away from wifi, which was rare.
So monthly fixed expenses came out to
My non-fixed expenses were for airfare and lodging when I would leave town for the weekend to explore the rest of SE Asia. If I could book trips early enough, I could get round trip flights on Scoot or AirAsia to Chiang Rai or Singapore or Penang for as little as $40 round trip. Other than Singapore, Airbnbs and budget hotels were dirt cheap, so those weekend trips rarely cost more than $200 each.
I wrapped up my volunteer work and came home to America this past week. Was gone about 10 months. Was a great experience, met a lot of new, nice people. Learned a new (incredibly difficult) language. Regret nothing, would do it all over again. I was able to get a small taste of Vietnam during my time there and am fascinated, will probably go live in Hanoi for a few months when I go back in the future.
My immediate future is to spend the next two weeks hanging out with my family and doing lots of yard work and handyman work around the house. I'll then get on a plane for Scotland to spend two weeks seeing friends and being a tourist. Was a last minute trip, Delta had round trip tickets from select US cities to London Heathrow for $370, I couldn't resist. Absurdly cheap.
Also - about three or four months after I moved to Thailand, my former boss called me to see how I was and offered me an online-only job, where I would spend about an hour to 90 minutes a day remotely reviewing other people's work, answering internal emails and listening to ideas he would bounce off of me. I wasn't interested, but he insisted it would not be my old job, that I would still be a digital nomad and never come into the office and I would be eligible for 401k matching and the company's health insurance when I came home. So I said yes and I've been doing the job for about half a year. It's been as advertised, I set aside an hour or so a night on my laptop in front of the TV and it hasn't grown into anything bigger yet. The salary is a small, small fraction of what I used to make but it's worth my time. We'll see how things stand after another year.
[EDIT] Hey, thanks for the gold. First time ever getting it, awesome.
[EDIT 2] Am getting lots of questions about how I reached $2.3 million, or $2.6 million as of this morning post-jobs report rally. I cover this in my earlier threads briefly - I left grad school at 24 and worked a job for ~14 years. Socked away about $70,000 per year the entire time, so there's half my money. The other half came from investment gains. I did the majority of buying in the years immediately after the 2009 subprime meltdown and financial crisis, large cap US banks and technology names for pennies on the dollar. Many of you are too young to remember, but I remember all of it. Having money in those conditions was terrifying. Bear Stearns and then Lehmann failing were earth shattering events. I lost entire $20,000 to $30,000 investments in companies in the blink of an eye. The ones that survived and thrived, those gains are still largely unrealized. meaning I have not sold them yet and I'll get slapped with an enormous long-term capital gains tax bill when I do, which is fine. Obvious question, how was I able to save so much for so long. One big reason is living in a southern state with low cost of living and no state income tax. I'm able to hold onto at least $15,000 to $25,000 more per year based on those two factors alone compared to someone in California, for example. The drawbacks to that are the government services in my state are pretty crap and minimal and all our new highways are toll roads, and so forth.
[EDIT 3] What am I going to do when I get back from the UK in a month? The plan for now is to spend real quality time with my family, I've been gone for a year. I'll be home for three months, maybe longer. Reconnect with friends and so forth. I plan on then leaving at the beginning of fall for a months-long driving trip around the Western US and Canada, hitting up as many national and state parks as I can. For years, I have followed vandwellers and tinyhomes and wanted to buy a gutted Mercedes Sprinter cargo van with the extended ceiling to build a living space in. I've decided now not to do that for gas mileage and excess space reasons, it's more space than I need by myself. I'm probably going to buy a used Nissan Rogue and spend a week performing minimal modifications. Such as buying plywood to construct a bed platform in the back that allows me to store clothing below the bed. Can install a minimal solar kit on the roof so I have power for my laptop and phone at night. Can either camp at night, stay at Airbnbs or sleep in the car. Can shower at truck stops or Planet Fitness locations with my membership. I'll drive south to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas when the heavy snow and ice starts to fall and resume my trek north next spring. We'll see.
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2019.03.11 07:06 IZAsnack Hinter jedem Business-Mann steht eine russische Prostituierte.

Ich habe 4 zusammengehörende Stories zu einem langen Post gemacht, da ich niemandem mit "spamming" verärgern will. Wen es interessiert, kann es gerne lesen und Feedback zu meinem Schreibstil oder dem Inhalt geben. Ich frage mich zur Zeit, ob ich weiterhin über persönliche Geschichten oder eher meine Gefühle, oder allgemeine Stripper-fakten schreiben soll.
Nach einer Nacht in dem Stripclub lief ich gegen 3.30 Uhr morgens rüber in eine Bar mit privaten Karaoke-zimmern. Diese gibt es überall in Tokio. Jedoch ist das "Champagner-payback-system" eine Besonderheit Roppongis (Stadtteil mit am meisten Nachtleben in Tokio). In einer Nacht zuvor hatte ich hier mit irgendjemandem Champagner getrunken, weswegen ich jetzt Geld davon abholen wollte. Als ich die Treppe hoch lief und die Bar betrat, war dort einiges los. Das freute mich, denn das hieß, dass ich heute wahrscheinlich mehr Geld verdienen würde. Es dauerte kaum, bis mich jemand ansprach. Ein gut gekleideter, etwas dicklicher Mann. Ein paar Zentimeter kleiner als ich. Wir kamen ins Gespräch, unterhielten uns über irgendetwas lockeres und lachten. Ein anderer Mann, offensichtlich ein Freund von ihm, gesellte sich kurz hinzu. Ich ging davon aus, dass er schwul sei. Irgendwas an seinem Auftreten ließ mich das annehmen. Er war ebenfalls gut gekleidet jedoch viel besser gebaut als sein Freund. Die Stimmung war energetisch und laut, als mich der kleinere Mann mit auf die Toilette nahm, um Kokain zu nehmen. Kokain konnte man in dieser Bar direkt über die Theke bekommen.
Er war sympathisch und vertrauenswürdig, deswegen folgte ich ihm. Um ehrlich zu sein bin ich da wahrscheinlich zu wenig anspruchsvoll, was meine Kriterien für die Vertrauenswürdigkeit für jemandem, der mir Kokain anbietet. Als wir also zusammen in der Toilette waren, steckte sein Freund den Kopf in den Raum hinein, sagte irgendetwas und verschwand wieder. Jetzt ging ich davon aus, dass die beiden eventuell ein Pärchen seien. Als wir wieder hinausgingen wurde mir aber klar, dass der größere Mann ebenso ein Interesse an mir hatte, wie sein Freund. Er winkte mich zu sich und stellte sich als ‘James’ vor. Er behauptete, eine ‘Dinosaurier’ in Roppongi zu sein und dass ihm die Bar schon mal teilweise gehörte. Ich fand ihn sympathisch, jedoch sah ich ihn nicht als Kunden, weswegen ich mich immer wieder mit den anderen männlichen Gästen in Gespräche verwickeln ließ. Irgendjemand bestellte immer ein Glas Champagner, immerhin würde ich pro Glas um die (umgerechnet) 15€ bekommen. Nach einiger Zeit wurde es James zu bunt und er meinte, er müsse mir etwas sagen und ich solle ihm hoch folgen. Zusätzlich kaufte er eine Flasche Champagner, die mit hochgebracht wurde.
Im zweiten Stockwerk befinden sich einige private Karaoke-Zimmer. Das ist sehr üblich in Japan. In dieser Bar passiert jedoch weit mehr, als in den üblichen Karaoke-bars. Im Zimmer angekommen, wurde mir klar, dass das Bild, was ich von James in meinem Kopf gemalt hatte, weit entfernt von der Wirklichkeit war. Nach seinem Dinosaurier-und-Teilinhaber-Kommentar ging ich davon aus, dass er ein semi-erfolgreicher Expat in Japan war. In Wahrheit aber hat er die Automobilteile-Firma seines Schwiegervaters übernommen. Ein börsennotiertes Automobil-Unternehmen in einem anderen asiatischen Land, mit einem reinen Profit des vorherigen Jahres im dreistelligen Millionenbereich. Wir unterhielten uns dort, auf den schwarzen Ledersofas. Zwischendurch tranken wir noch einige weitere Flaschen Champagner und nahmen Kokain. James ist früher in der Schule gehänselt worden. Er war nicht immer gut durchtrainiert. Er war ein Geek, der bei Mädchen schlecht ankam. Nachdem er seinen Bachelor in den USA in Business Administration erworben hatte, ging er zurück in sein Heimatland, wo er eine arrangierte Heirat mit der Tochter des Unternehmensgründers hatte. Dieser schien scheinbar von James Leitungsqualitäten überzeugt.
Auf das Risiko hin, eingebildet zu wirken, muss ich sagen, dass ich bis dato schon so einiges gewohnt war, was Imponierverhalten von Männern anging. James brachte das auf ein neues Level. Wir gingen auf den Balkon, wo ich eine Zigarette rauchte, während er mit einer Frau am Telefon abmachte, 100.000 US$ in die Apple-Aktie zu investieren. Ich war natürlich misstrauisch. Das konnte ich mir aus egal welchen Kreisen nicht vorstellen. Ich dachte, das wäre ein vorher abgesprochener Trick, um wie gesagt Frauen zu imponieren. Als innerhalb der nächsten Stunde der Kurs jedoch fiel, wurde er nervös und er meinte, er hätte vergessen, seiner Assistentin einen Stoppkurs mitzuteilen. Er holte dies im nächsten Moment nach. Wie auch immer.
Anfangs hatte ich wenig Interesse an James und blieb hauptsächlich wegen des Champagner-Geldes, wie sonst auch.Nachdem wir stundenlang über unsere Leben sprachen und nerdige Witze rießen, war aber klar, dass wir Chemie zwischen uns hatten. Um ehrlich zu sein: Ich hab James eine falsche Geschichte aufgequatscht. Dazu hatten mir ein paar “Kolleginnen” geraten. Es sollte Mitleid erzeugen und dazu führen, dass die Männer weniger sparsam mit einem waren. In diesem Fall würde ich es noch bereuen. Es war 7 Uhr morgens und ich war völlig berauscht von, unter anderem, der Begegnung mit James. Er schien wie ein schüchterne Junge mit einem goldenen Kern, der in ein Leben voller Luxus und Verantwortung gerutscht war. Und ohne ehrlicher Liebe. Mit seinem seltsamen Humor konnte ich mich identifizieren und es fühlte sich gut an, mal wieder jemand, der auf einer ähnlichen Wellenlänge ist, zu treffen. Als wir die Bar verließen, hatte James nur zwei Stunden, bis er in einem Meeting sein musste. Wir gingen raus und es war schon hell, obwohl es tiefer Winter war. Er meinte er würde mich in der nächsten Nacht wieder treffen. Als ich ihn fragte wo und wann meinte er nur, dass er mich finden würde. Ich warf ihm eine Kusshand zu und lief “nach hause”. Ich wusste, dass diese Begegnung noch Folgen mit sich bringen würde. Ich hatte mir die aber eher positiv vorgestellt. Ich wusste aber nicht, dass ich durch James eine erste Erfahrung mit ernsthaften Suizidgedanken haben würde.
In der nächsten Nacht war ich mir sicher, dass James mich so bald wie möglich finden wird. Um 19.00 ging ich mit Maika in den Strip club. Wenn Gäste kamen und ich mit ihnen saß, hoffte ich insgeheim, dass sie wieder gingen, da James jeden Augenblick kommen könnte. Ich war mir sicher, dass für ihn die vergangene Nacht etwas besonderes war. Dass er es kaum abwarten konnte, mich wiederzusehen. Dass er nur noch bei der Arbeit war. Um 2 Uhr morgens war von James immer noch nichts zu sehen. Ich wusste irgendwo, wir würden uns irgendwann wiedersehen, allerdings hatte ich die Dringlichkeit seinerseits scheinbar überschätzt. Als ich um 3 Uhr unten in die Bar ging, die ebenso den Inhabern des Clubs gehörte, war ich nervös, dass ich James eventuell nicht in dieser Nacht antreffen würde. Dann, gegen 3.30 bekam Paco, einer der Inhaber, einen Anruf. James fragte ihn, wo ich war.
Man muss wissen, dass in Roppongi alle miteinander vernetzt sind. Es wunderte mich also nicht, als James am morgen meinte, er würde mich schon finden. Über Headsets wissen die Clubinhaber und Security zu jeder Zeit, wo sich welche Mädchen und welche Gäste gerade befindet. Maika und ich hatten uns in den meisten Plätzen schon einen Namen gemacht. Sollte in einem Club ein Gast sein, wir uns aber woanders befinden, dann sprachen uns Security von befreundeten Clubs an und schickten uns zu dem Club mit dem Gast. Diese Vernetzung sorgte auch dafür, dass die Clubs meistens im Vorfeld von Polizeiraids Bescheid wussten und sich entsprechend vorbereiten können. James kannte Paco schon lange, und so war es für ihn kein Aufwand, mich ausfindig zu machen. Ich freute mich, James “endlich” wiederzusehen. Meine Nervosität blieb trotzdem.
James kam und wir tranken ein zwei Flaschen Champagner und nahmen Kokain. Ebenso in dieser Bar konnte man gestrecktes Kokain für 15.000 Yen bekommen. Es war schwer, gefühlsmäßig da anzuknüpfen, wo wir am morgen aufgehört hatten. Wir waren weniger berauscht und in der Zwischenzeit ist die Magie ein bisschen verflogen. Trotzdem hatten wir Spaß. Am Ende der Nacht landete ich, entgegen dem, was ich ihm vorher sagte, bei James im Hotelzimmer. Eine große Suite im Prince Park Tower Hotel. Wir nahmen das üblich gebliebene Kokain und landeten zusammen im Bett. Am nächsten Tag wachten wir gegen mittag auf. James packte, denn sein Flug ging in zwei Stunden. Er gab mir eine E-mail-Adresse. Dass er sagte, dass die seiner Assistentin gehöre, vergaß ich wieder. Sobald ich Line, den Nachrichtendienst der in Süd-Ost Asien hauptsächlich verwendet wird, habe, solle ich eine Nachricht schreiben. Wir gaben uns einen leidenschaftlichen Kuss und er gab mir 50.000 Yen. Dies war scheinbar die Rate, nach der in Tokyo überlicherweise Prostituierte fragten, denn der gleiche Betrag wurde mir vorher schon einmal gegeben. Beide Male hatte ich nicht damit gerechnet, es schon gar nicht als Gegenzug erwartet. Ich fühlte mich jedoch auch nicht angegriffen. Es war eine angenehme Überraschung.
Ich mochte James, und konnte es kaum erwarten, ihn wiederzusehen. Er meinte, er würde mich zu seinem Travel-buddy machen, und auf seine Geschäftsreisen mitnehmen. Das hörte sich gut an. Ich ging zusätzlich davon aus, dass ich James um den Finger gewickelt hatte und er Gefühle für mich hat. Ich dachte zu dem Zeitpunkt, ich hätte Gefühle für ihn, und war es gewöhnt, dass Männer die Gefühle erwidern. Mädchen, die einen Lifestyle wie ich hatte, haben, sind besonders anfällig dafür, sich Gefühle für einen Mann einzubilden. Man sehnt sich nach einem Felsen. Nach einer echten Verbindung und jemandem der da ist, falls alles zu viel ist und man durch den ganzen Alkoholkonsum, Schlafmangel und die Übergriffe jemanden braucht. Ich dachte, die Verbindung die wir hatten, sei besonders für ihn. Ich war naiv genug zu glauben, ich würde seine feste Freundin werden. Was ich nicht mit einbezog, war die Tatsache, dass er ein Mann Mitte vierzig ist, Frau und Kind hat und durch seine Arbeit eine riesige Verantwortung auf ihm lag. Zusätzlich kam, dass Männer wie er viele Mädchen hatten. Überrascht würde ich 2 Monate später in Thailand mitbekommen, dass ich für James nicht so besonders war, wie ich annahm.
Zurückblickend war alles, was durch die Bekanntschaft mit James kam, lehrreiche Erfahrungen. Von romantischen Gefühlen, Sex und viel Gelache hin zur Eifersucht, ungewollten Orgien und Suizid-Gedanken war alles dabei.

Hinter jedem erfolgreichen Business-Mann steht eine russische Prostituierte.

Ein paar Tage verstrichen, ohne, dass ich Kontaktversuche zu James aufnahm. Er war zurück in seiner Heimat. Ich war in Tokio und nahm an, dass er sehnlichst auf eine Nachricht von mir wartet. Dann schrieb ich eine E-mail an die Adresse, mit der er mir in unserer letzten Nacht seine Handynummer schickte. Als keine Antwort kam fiel mir ein, dass die E-mail mit dem halbnackten Foto von mir wohl bei seiner Assistentin gelandet ist. Ich holte mir eine Simkarte. Die Simkarten, die man in Japan als Tourist bekommen kann, haben jedoch keine Nummer, nur Data. Zum Aktivieren eines Line-Accounts benötigt man jedoch Aktivierungscode, der an die Nummer geschickt wird. Zum Glück bot Maika mir eine ihrer alten Simkarten aus irgendeinem anderen Land an. Ich machte ein Kurzvideo von meinem Körper in weißer Spitzen-Lingerie und schickte es an die Nummer, die James mir in unserer letzten gemeinsamen Nacht von seinem Email account, den Assistentin verwaltet, mir geschickt hatte. Seine Antwort kam :”Who is this?”

Objektiv betrachtet kommt die Antwort wahrscheinlich nicht überraschend. Eine Nummer mit fremder Vorwahl, ein Video ohne Gesicht und keine weitere Nachricht. Meine Reaktion war jedoch: “Wer könnte es schon sein, bis auf die umwerfende Bekanntschaft die du vor eine Woche in Japan gemacht hast? Wie viele Mädchen kennst du, mit einem Körper wie meinem, auf dessen Nachricht du wartest?” Zugegeben, ich war zu dem Zeitpunkt ziemlich selbstüberzeugt und hielt mich für was besonderes. Jedenfalls waren wir, nachdem das Missverständnis aus dem Weg geräumt war, regelmäßig in Kontakt. Wir machten aus, dass wir uns beide zusammen eine kleine Auszeit in Bangkok gönnen würden. Er kaufte mir Tickets und meinte, er würde mir zusätzlich 1000$ Shopping-geld geben. Eine All-inclusive Reise nach Thailand, wo ich noch nie zuvor war, mit dem Mann, mit dem ich zuvor zwei magische Nächte hatte. Ich hatte hohe Erwartungen.
Bezüglich des Luxus, den ich dort erfuhr, wurden diese Erwartungen getroffen. Wir hatten eine Villa, bei der er einen Timeshare hat. Das bedeutet, für einen bestimmten Zeitraum im Jahr ist diese Villa für ihn reserviert. Sie war in der Mitte der Stadt, fühlte sich jedoch trotzdem wie eine Jungle-Oase an. Geschützt von dem dazugehörigem Hotelgebäude, dem Davis Hotel, welches den Lärm von der Straße blockte. Umgeben von tropischen Pflanzen und einem privaten Pool direkt vor der Haustür. Essen und Trinken kam per Anruf, frisch gemacht, innerhalb von Minuten. Es war so schnell da, dass wir es immer nur im letzten Moment schafften, das Tablett mit dem Kokain zu verstecken. Wir hatten rund um die Uhr einen Fahrer, besuchten die schönsten und besten Restaurants, hatten Spa Treatments und die besten Plätze in den Clubs.
Bezüglich James und mir kam es anders, als vorher angenommen. James brachte seinen Mitarbeiter mit, für dessen Jubiläum in seiner Firma. Kuhn war Mitte 50, ebenfalls verheiratet, dickbäuchig und kleiner als ich. Wir verstanden uns gut. Lachten viel miteinander. Er stellte immer sicher, dass ich den größtmöglichen Komfort hatte. Sein Dasein machte jedoch deutlich, dass es hierbei nicht um Zeit zwischen James und mir ging. Und das war nicht das einzige.
Angekommen in der Villa hatten wir Massage und landeten anschließend zusammen im Bett. Nach dem Sex lag ich in James Armen. Er behauptete, er hätte sowas noch nie gefühlt, und dass es schön sei. Anschließend entspannte ich mit Kuhn am Pool, spielte lockere elektronische Beats und wartete auf das Kokain, während James einige Businesstelefonate führte. Gegen Abend fuhren wir dann zu dritt zum Sacorro, dem wahrscheinlich schönsten Restaurant in Bangkok. Ich wünschte ich hätte das Essen schmecken können, bzw. ein Hungergefühl gehabt. Dem war dank des Kokains nicht so. Der Ausblick ist aber einzigartig und am Ende stoßen wir zu der jahrelangen Zusammenarbeit der beiden an. Ein Kuchen mit einem kleinen Tischfeuerwerk wurde gebracht. Nach etlichen Stunden verließen wir das Restaurant wieder. Als nächstes gingen wir in einen Ladyboy-stripclub. James hatte vorher gemeint, dass wir einen Dreier mit einem der Ladyboys haben sollten. Wie auch immer.
Am Ende der Nacht war es kein Ladyboy, sondern hübsche russische Prostituierte, die mit zurück in die Villa kam. Ich war mir deren Beruf zu dem Zeitpunkt noch nicht sicher. Ich dachte, wir hätten alle zusammen eine Aftershow party. Das hatten wir auch. Die spielte sich aber hauptsächlich im Bett ab. Nachdem wir noch alle zusammen eine Flasche Champagner im Wohnzimmer tranken, landeten James, ich und die blonde, gut aussehende ca. 34-jährige Irina zusammen im Schlafzimmer. Irina und ich küssten uns, zogen uns die Kleider aus und fassten uns gegenseitig an. Es fühlte sich gut an. Dann schlief ich mit James. Anschließend fokussierten die beiden sich aufeinander…
Ich rannte raus. Das was gerade geschah, war zu viel. Vermutlich war ich generell etwas unsicher, weil die Frau mit der James jetzt war, so gut aussah und große Silikonbrüste hatte. Ich verstand zu dem Zeitpunkt nicht, dass sie bezahlt wurde. Ich verstand auch nicht, warum ich so sauer war. James meinte vorher zu mir: keine Eifersucht, kein Drama. Normalerweise bin ich auch relativ gechillt mit allem. Trotzdem fühlte ich mich respektlos behandelt. Erst jetzt fiel mir wie Schuppen von den Augen, dass James und ich nicht daten würden. Dass die 1000$ und die 5 anschließenden extra Nächte im Davis Hotel, die er mir gab, quasi Bezahlung waren. Dafür, dass ich mit ihm Sex hatte, gute Gesellschaft war, fröhlich und anspruchslos. “Keine Eifersucht, kein Drama.”. Ich verstand jetzt, dass er diese ganzen Dinge tatsächlich genau so gemeint hatte. Dass er kein Spiel spielte. Dass er mich nicht für sich gewinnen wollte. Er wollte einfach nur Spaß haben.
Ich habe bereits erwähnt, dass ich dazu neige, Menschen gegenüber zu naiv zu sein. Was am zweiten Tag in Bangkok passierte, machte das nochmal deutlich.
James und ich wachten nebeneinander im Bett auf. Irina, die blonde Russin von letzter Nacht, ist nachdem ihr Job erledigt war, gegangen. Mir war es ein bisschen peinlich, dass ich vor dem Schlafen gehen eine kleine Szene gemacht habe. Aus Eifersucht. Ich entschuldigte mich und meinte, dass das nicht wieder passieren würde. Mittlerweile hatte ich endlich verstanden, dass es für James nur darum ging, so viel Spaß wie möglich zu haben, während er sich eine kleine Auszeit von der Arbeit mit seiner Firma nimmt. Er erwähnte, dass später ein paar Freunde von ihm vorbei schauen würden. In der Zwischenzeit bestellten wir Essen, chillten am Pool und nahmen weiterhin Kokain. Zu meinem Erstaunen war die Qualität des Kokains in Bangkok nicht schlecht. Besser als in Japan. Und James hatte reichlich gekauft.
Am nachmittag öffneten wir eine Flasche Champagner während wir auf James Freunde warteten. Kuhn, James und ich saßen im Wohnzimmer und unterhielten uns. James sagte, er hätte seinen Freunden ein Bild von mir geschickt, und eines der Mädchen, Mai, würde mich so attraktiv finden. Sie sei lesbisch. Ich ahnte nicht, dass dies Teil der Abmachung zwischen James und den “Freunden” war. Als seine Freunde ankamen stellte ich fest, dass es sich um fünf Frauen handelte. Thailändische Frauen in den Dreißigern, die elegant gekleidet waren und gut Englisch sprechen konnten. Die Stimmung war heiter, wir lachten und tranken. Mai machte mir so viele Komplimente, dass es mir fast unangenehm war. Sie war dabei aber so authentisch, dass ich mich trotzdem geschmeichelt fühlte. Nach ein zwei Stunden landeten Mai, James und ich oben im Schlafzimmer. Sie fing an, mich auszuziehen, küsste mich am ganzen Körper. James schaute zu, während sie quasi über mich herfiel und mich zwischen den Beinen leckte. James fing an, mit uns beiden Sex zu haben. während sie und ich uns küssten und anfassten. Es war gut, bis auf die Tatsache, dass ihr Stöhnen ziemlich fake klang.
Nach einiger Zeit brachen wir auf zu einem Restaurant im höchsten Stockwerkes eines Hotels. Mai bestand dadrauf, mir meine Tasche zu tragen und mir allgemein nicht von der Seite zu weichen. Das “Tasche tragen” und ständige “am Arm einhängen” wurde mir etwas viel. Ich find es besonders unangenehm als Weiße in einem Dritte-Welt-Land von den Einheimischen als was Besseres behandelt zu werden. Auch ihre ständigen Komplimente gingen mir irgendwann auf die Nerven. Trotzdem nahm ich sie ihr ab. Zugegeben, ich war von mir selbst ziemlich überzeugt und glaubte ihr auf Anhieb, wenn sie mir erzählte, wie toll sie mich fand.
Nach dem Dinner gingen wir vorübergehend zurück zur Villa. James verschwand mit eine zierlichen Thai-Frau im Schlafzimmer. Sie hatte die Maße eines Kindes, war aber schon Ende Dreißig. Im Vorbeigehen sah ich, wie James sie von hinten nahm. Ich ging schnell zurück zu den anderen, doch auch Kuhn war mit einer Dame in seinem Schlafzimmer verschwunden. Von den Fünf waren nach dem Essen nur noch Drei üblich geblieben, das hieß, dass ich jetzt alleine mit Mai im Wohnzimmer saß. Unangenehm. Wir unterhielten uns und ich fragte sie nach ihrem Job. Sie erzählte etwas, was nicht mit dem vorherigen übereinstimmte. Sie meinte, dass sie eine Agentur leitet. Ich konnte das alles nicht so genau nachvollziehen. Die Situation fühlte sich seltsam an. Sie versuchte nicht mehr, mir zu gefallen. Ganz im Gegenteil, sie schien ungeduldig und kalt. Ich fragte sie, wie lange sie bleiben würde. Jetzt ließ sie ihre Hülle fallen und gab zu, dass sie nur noch auf das Geld wartete. Sie leitete eine Agentur für Escorts. Mir wurde bewusst, was abging. Das gehörte alles zur Show. James hatte das eingefädelt, um sicherzustellen, dass es mir gut ginge. Es hatte funktioniert. Sie hat die Rolle exzellent gespielt. Ich geh davon aus, dass sie als Leiterin die Erfahrenste ist. Deswegen war sie diejenige, die die schwierigste Rolle des Abends übernahm. Chapeau. Als James endlich fertig war, er Mai das Geld gab und die drei Frauen endlich gingen, war ich froh. Ich fühlte mich ausgespielt. Alle anderen von dem Abend hatten die ganze Zeit gewusst, was abging. Ich glaube, dass James es anturnt, die Kontrolle zu haben. Im Hintergrund die Fäden zu ziehen. Auf der anderen Seite war ich froh, dass letzten Endes der Schwindel aufflog. Erfahrenere Mädchen in dieser Branche hätten das vermutlich direkt Bescheid gewusst. James mochte mich, da ich neu war in dieser Szene und er es fast geschafft hätte, mich hinters Licht zu führen.
Anschließend gingen James, Kuhn und ich wieder in den Club, in dem wir schon in der Nacht zuvor landeten. Ein großer bekannter Club. So wie mir jetzt bekannt ist, wimmelt es dort nur so von hübschen russischen Prostituierten. Die beiden wollten, was Sex angeht, in diesem Urlaub wohl voll auf ihre Kosten kommen. Kuhn bat mich, jemanden für ihn zu finden, der so sei wie ich. Kuhn und ich verstanden uns super. So sehr, dass James ihm tagsüber immer wieder unter die Nase rieb, dass er mich nicht haben könne. Wortwörtlich. James hatte Kuhn gegenüber allgemein eine seltsame Verhaltensweise. Push and Pull. Manchmal sagte er, Kuhn sei einer seiner wichtigsten Freunde. Im nächsten Moment stellte er ihn bloß und machte deutlich, dass er der Boss sei. Wie schon vorher kam es einem so vor, als sei James gefangen zwischen seinem alten, nerdigen Ich und dem neue, herzlosen Business-Mann, der umgeben von skrupellosen Menschen war.
Im Club gabelten wir eine gut aussehende junge Russin auf, die uns mit nach Hause begleitete. Sie war, so wie ich, Anfang 20 und blond. Sie hatte jedoch einiges an sich machen lassen. Ein absoluter Hingucker, mit Kurven und einem hübschen Gesicht. James flüsterte mir zu, dass er heute Nacht nur mit mir sein wolle. Ich erwiderte, dass ich kein Problem damit habe, wenn er ebenfalls mit dem Mädchen Sex hat. Mittlerweile änderte sich meine Einstellung dazu, langsam aber stetig. Wenn ich mit James schlief, fühlte es sich, nach meinen Einsichten bezüglich seiner Motive, eher wie ein Job an. Eine neue Einstellung, die grundlegend für zukünftige Entscheidung war (Ich schreibe das mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge). Von daher hätte es mir nichts weiter ausgemacht, wenn mir jemand den Job abgenommen hätte. Doch James wollte nur mit mir im Arm kuscheln und einschlafen. Ich schätze er hat schon genug Erfahrungen mit Mädchen wie der attraktiven jungen Russin gehabt, um es darauf nicht mehr anzulegen. Vielleicht wollte er auch Kuhn seinen Spaß alleine gönnen.
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2019.03.05 09:26 Rory666999 Pattaya updated prices, info, advice,etc for newbies

update: Taxi info added. Girl prices in comments. Maps link added.
Ok, I just got back from Pattaya so this info is good from this posting date until something changes. I might update this post if it gets enough attention. Some of this stuff really helped me and should be in a FAQ or Sticky.
Why am I doing this? Because a lot of the same info I collected was out of date, prices changed or wrong info,etc This will save you some time if you are going to Pattaya and it will also help me for my next trip.
By the way, this is just for general info that will help your trip and make it easier. I don't plan to put any info about finding girls, ladyboys, girls prices, how that works,etc here. That stuff is for another guide.
If you think any of this info can be updated further then please add in the comments. Thanks.
Taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya I used Nam's Taxis - (prices and contact info on website) All the drivers are female and they will drive safely. I paid 1200 baht from Bangkok airport to Pattaya. I also used Nam for my return trip to the airport. To make a booking just send her an email with your name, flight number, date and time, where you want to go,etc
Currency exchange - if you arrive in Bangkok BKK Airport go down to the basement where the trains are, these places will give you the best rates, most exchanges will close around 23:30 but some are still open up to midnight, I got there about 23:40 and SuperRich was already closed but I went to another and the rates were the same. In fact the rates were even the same as the T.T Currency Exchange in Pattaya.
Just try and avoid using the exchanges near arrivals and departures on the upper floors because the rates are not good. Only change a little if you are really desperate for Thai money.
T.T Currency Exchange in Pattaya gives the best rates while you are there and the service for me was always safe and good. They need to copy your ID when you exchange money so take your passport or driving licence,etc
Cellphone I went with AIS and got a 1 week 3GB SIM plan for 400 Baht. I mainly used it for Google maps and a bit of YouTube. I didn't use all my 3GB data. By the way if you go over your plan you can still use the service it is just throttled.
You can get these SIM packs from the airport but I chose to get mine from the AIS store in Central Festival mall - they are now on the 3rd floor. The staff at the entrance will ask you what you want and then give you a numbered ticket to wait. Just tell them you want a Thai Sim and ask for English speaking staff. You will need your passport to get a SIM.
I didn't wait long, The English speaking girl who sold the package to me also activated the card and got it all setup on my phone so when I walked out it was ready to go, so I recommend going to Central Festival AIS for this reason.
By the way it's worth saying don't be that guy who tries to flirt with service or shop girls in Pattaya - not every girl is selling herself and some of them don't like sex tourists. Just be polite and calm and tell them what you want as clearly as possible.
Erection Pills Apcalis is the cheaper generic version of Cialis. It is sold for around 400 baht for a pack of 4 pills. The good thing about this pill is you can take it and forget about it, you don't have to plan around taking it 30 minutes before sex or something. Also your dick won't suddenly stay hard the moment you take one. If will take effect when you get horny naturally. The difference is you can maintain an erection even if you feel nervous or have drunk too much,etc.
The normal dosage is one pill every 24 hours but if you haven't used them before it is recommended to take a low dose and then increase if you think it is necessary. I cut one pill into thirds and took one third a couple of hours before I went out. It was a good decision for me and I felt no headaches. I made sure to drink plenty of water and soft drinks while I was on it. The effects lasted for at least 12 hours and in my case were good for 18 hours.
I don't suffer from erectile dysfunction or drink alcohol so for me taking one third was good. Taking one whole pill at a time can give you a nasty headache. And never exceed the daily recommended dose!
Where to buy? The place recommended to me was the pharmacy next to Tim's Bar on Second Road. Just go in and ask for Apcalis. I did try a couple of other pharmacies but they didn't have any in stock, they said you can order it for collection in one hour.
I don't know about other types or brands.
Boots Pharmacy if you want good advice about regular over the counter medicine, simple medical advice,etc then the staff at Boots speak good English and in my case were friendly and polite.
Condoms As a westerner I was worried about finding good sized condoms in Pattaya, luckily the Durex "Comfort Size" 56 worked for me. You can buy them from Boots, some convenience stores,etc for around 100 Baht for a pack containing 2 condoms.
By the way always practice safe sex and wear a condom in Pattaya.
Mosquitos I hate them and always have bad reactions from their bites. I used and can recommend Soffell Mosquito Repellent Spray with Deet (just Google that) I was using the pink floral spray. Just spray it on your exposed skin after you have applied sun lotion.
You can buy this stuff in any convenience store, pharmacy, Boots,etc
Pattaya motorbike taxis These guys are great, apart from taking you to where you want to go for as little as 50 Baht they will also help you with directions if you just want to walk somewhere. They don't care and won't try and hassle you for a ride or be angry about it. Don't be afraid to approach them and ask for directions. You can easily spot them beside their bikes wearing orange vests.
If you do choose to use a motorbike taxi make sure to ask for a helmet, sometimes the police will stop passengers for not wearing helmets.
Mike Baird's Maps Download these maps and put them in a folder on your cellphone. Great when out and about or planning where to go.
Updated Soi6 map in comments below...
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2019.01.02 22:49 JasterMoreal Secret Agent man. Secret agent man

The always posh debonair and deadly James Bond 007. VS. The always cocky confident cavalier Sterling Archer codename: Duchess.
Round 1. Steal top secret data from an old KGB computer in the basement of a Moscow office building used by the Russian mod as a front business Time limit is 48hrs. Who gets it first and cleanest.
Round 2. Rescue high ranking U.N. relief worker accused of spying on China p.s.: she's hot and you know she's gonna put out.
Round 3. Kill Kim Jong Un. That is all
Round 4. They meet in Bangkok bar who drinks who under the table.
Bonus round. Who after a night of going shot for shot with another master of the drinking arts. Wakes up knee deep in ladyboy hookers.
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2018.08.10 18:00 LegitimateRage PKA 398 Survey results!

Welcome to the PKA 398 Survey results thread! Lots of questions and answers to get into so let’s not waste any more time!
The format of this thread will be simple from here on out; the questions asked will be bolded to highlight them, the data & analysis of the question will be shown underneath and wherever possible a diagrammatic representation of the responses will be attached.
If you would like to just skip straight to all the results in a summary:
Click here to check out all responses to the 398 Survey!

Question 1: What did you make of Filthy as a guest?

In a not so surprising turn of events, Filthy comes out with a very positive overall consensus. It’s to be expected from the 13 time guest really, he always puts on a stellar show and not being afraid to be an alpha talker among a trio of alpha talkers. As you’ll see in the guest ratings in the stickied comment, this rating once again solidifies Filthy as an all-time top guest.
Mean average rating for Filthy: 7.71/10

Question 2: Where does this Filthy appearance rank among his previous 12?

Most people opting to rate this around the T3-T5 range with other options on either side tailing off as less popular. To be fair, it’s been 13 guest appearances over a number of years so you can’t expect people to remember every single one of the previous 12. But I’d say on a rough estimate basis, T3-T5 is a fair placement for Filthy’s 398 appearance.

Question 3: What did you make of PKA 398 as a whole?

Decent, decent indeed. With 8 being the mode average rating and over 75% of responses laying between 7-9, you really can’t say anything other than this was a solid episode. Good job to the guys & Filthy for putting on what would appear to be a better than average show!
Mean average rating for PKA 398: 7.59/10

Question 4: Describe PKA 398 in one word

As usual you guys know you can check out all the responses at the top.
  • Conspiracy/ies (51)
  • [Filthy’s] Hooks or climbing (17)
  • Great/funny etc (16)
  • Jews/Holocaust (8)
  • 9/11 & Flight 93 etc (5)
  • UFC/MMA (4)
  • Sieg Kyle (3)
  • Scuffed Lefty
Unsurprisingly, a dominant theme here based largely upon the conspiracy topic!

Question 5: In your view, what would have improved the quality/entertainment of this episode?

Question 6: Would you rather have sex with an obese American woman or Thai lady boy?

So it’s a close one, very narrow… To be honest I don’t think we even have a clear majority here, too tough to decide..
I kid obviously. About as one sided as you can get here and who can blame the 91%. There’s a reason belly button fucking is such a niche kink, even though a Thai ladyboy isn’t exactly appealing either it would definitely be the lesser of two evils here.

Question 7: How successfully did Kyle persuade you in his sales pitch that the Holocaust never happened?

Interesting results… I have to wonder if perhaps the topic Kyle chose hindered his ability to get more “sales”, maybe if he’d went for a less controversial and debunk-able theory he would have got more 3+ here. But alas, the former car salesman was largely unable to successful sell the holocaust denial theory to the masses.

Question 8: How successfully did Taylor persuade you in his sales pitch that we're being misinformed about the Syrian civil war?

A much different overall consensus here to Kyle’s theory! And it makes sense if you think about it, a current event with clear geopolitical divides so speculating that there is misinformation and public deception isn’t the craziest of conspiracies.

Question 9: How successfully did Woody persuade you in his sales pitch that during 9/11, United Flight 93 was purposefully shot down by the US Air Force?

The clear winner. I mean, the man brought a fucking powerpoint to a podcast lmao he almost deserves the 5/5 for that alone haha. It’s the most common sense conspiracy out of the several proposed and is basically the real life occurrence of the moral dilemma “do you sacrifice a few to save many”. I will now never be able to watch “United 93” the same way again dammit.

Question 10: How successfully did Taylor persuade you in his sales pitch that Denver International airport is a secret Illuminati operating base?

A surprise second conspiracy from Taylor and what appears to be by far the most indecisive/controversial among the community! We pretty much have exactly as many 1s as 4s and 2s as 5s.
Well look, at the very least no matter if you’re a 1, a 3 or a 5… is that Denver airport is creepy as shit.

Question 11: Which host conspiracy theory do you think was most convincing?

I guess you could say this is unsurprising? Woody’s theory is probably the most rational and believable out of all the 4 presented and so Flight 93 being purposely shot down storms away with a decisive #1 place. To interject some personal opinion here, even though some of these theories are pretty well established, I would have liked to see some more prominent conspiracy theories that were discussed in Wings’ Chaos Theories series. Theories such as JFK & the Moon landing. But who knows, maybe they’ll do it again some time and cover these topics.
And that concludes the PKA 398 Survey! Once again thanks for the support and feedback on this episode, it was very fun to do. We’ll see you guys for the PKA 399 results next Friday!
LegitRage out
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2018.02.17 09:50 KhazemiDuIkana Summer Wine 1349

"Kharis Wardcliffe. Titan, risen for 6 years, veteran commander, liked by his men."
"Sounds good."
"You find anyone?"
"Djet. Hunter. Risen 2 years. Kind of slow-witted, but does thorough research. Good in a bind."
"OK. We just need a third I guess. You talk to Eldris?"
"Not since we received the invitation."
"He's coming."
"Better make sure. As in we'll go get him."
"You seen Alois?"
"I have not."
"And where's Liesel?"
"Home. I think. I dunno. Either home or shopping around or some shit. She was home when I left but she said she was picking something up today."
"Shaxx give us a deadline to have our team together by?"
"Tomorrow morning, 8am sharp, Twilight Gap. I think we should have a fireteam meeting tonight to get all 9 of us on the same page."
"So, get Boris?"
Many hours passed, as did many mundane events within them, until night fell and the party began to trickle into the agreed-upon locale.
"What the fuck is this?"
"Boris! Hello."
"Like... seriously, what the actual hell is this?"
"My basement?"
"You have a fully-furnished medieval tavern in your basement?"
"Get you anything to drink?" Aktaf said as he set goblets upon the long table.
"What ya got?"
"Well, Liesel got this bottle of wine from the year 1349."
"That's... some old-as-fuck wine. Is that even safe for organics to drink?"
"Well... we're about to find out", Aktaf said, pouring himself and Boris a glass. Boris shrugged his head in such a manner that implied he did not expect to be drinking the wine, but he accepted it, his mechanical body at no risk from the alleged age of the drink, and they clanged glasses before taking a sip.
"It tastes like normal wine. I think someone ripped her off."
"So when you say normal wine, you mean, like..."
"I dunno. Tastes like wine? I don't know anything about wine, but I've had enough and this does not taste extraordinarily different than any wine I've had. Richer, I guess."
The door swung open as Windsor walked through. "Hello."
Boris and Aktaf raised their goblets in greeting.
"What's this?"
"So-called ancient wine", Boris informed him.
"Liesel got a bottle of wine from 1349 from... some guy? It tastes pretty normal so I don't actually think it's got centuries on us." Aktaf clarified.
"Where is Liesel?"
"Upstairs, tryna look pretty. Or at least impressive. I didn't put much effort forth but the robes", the mage among them answered, referring to the drab, roughspun garment that draped over his form. Paired with his long, straight hair and soft yet angular features, his visage gave the impression of an ancient European cult-priest, who had perhaps just risen from his grave to call forth burning winds to scar the land.
"See, I showed up in my armor cause it was like right there and I figured this was gonna be kind of a militaryish sorta meeting", Boris said. At this moment Liesel descended the steps beside them, clad in a slightly slimmer white version of Aktaf's garb, her eyeliner thick and dark, highlighting the ethereal paleness of her face and her glowing yellow eyes, her loosely-hanging white hair blending into her robes.
Behind her trailed Alois and Eldris; the former immaculately groomed, his hair feathered and wearing subtle makeup, clad in overly-ornamental floral robes with sparse, plain armor plating upon his upper torso, the latter haggard in her tattering fieldweave, scuffed armor and a thick cloak composed of several she had acquired over time, the narrow strip of long hair on the top of her head pulled into a tight and modest ponytail exposing an otherwise shaven head, a far cry from the waist-length mane she had acquired over the past 3 years, her own piercing, glowing eyes surrounded by dark rings, but of restlessness rather than cosmetics. The warpaint she typically enjoyed was mostly worn off.
"You look like shit", Windsor said sympathetically, if somewhat tactlessly. She nodded at him and the others.
"You guys tried the wine?" Liesel asked Aktaf and Boris.
"Pretty sure you got ripped off, babe. Wouldn't roughly 3,000 year old wine taste, uh, not really much like wine anymore?"
Liesel shrugged.
"Having ourselves a fancy little Satanic dinner party. It's exactly the level of extra I want out of my fireteam meet-and-greets", Alois trilled as he helped himself to a goblet of wine and made himself at home in one of the chairs, resting his feet upon the table.
"Where're Kharis, Djet and your guy?" Windsor asked mainly Eldris yet also the whole room.
"Oh, uh, I admit that my recruitment duty fell completely by the wayside in favor of salvaging my relationship with my very-justifiably-upset girlfriend. Glad to see I didn't completely fuck us, though", she said, averting anyone's eyes.
"Where are they, though?"
"I can scan to see if they're nearby", Windsor's ghost offered.
"Thank you, Akhenaten."
"That won't be necessary", boomed a deep, yet hoarse and somehow wispy baritone, and the Lanterns of Albios turned to see a large and imposing Titan kick down Aktaf and Liesel's back door. The two deeply-displeased Warlocks, and indeed their friends, stared in wide-eyed disbelief as Kharis Wardcliffe, a man who could easily have passed for Lord Saladin's older, more terrifying brother, and the much smaller and saner-looking Djet slipped into the room, a smaller Titan carrying less of a decorated-vagrant vibe in tow with his hands on his head.
"You... you kicked their door down!!!?? Are you an actual insane person!?"
"Gentlemen", Kharis boomed, pausing for effect only to be cut off by Alois.
"Not everyone here is a man... or gentle", the seated Warlock said crooningly, liltingly, with clear and obvious drunken condescension without taking his eyes off his wine, which he held out before him.
"Close your insolent mouth, Ladyboy. That's your new name now", Kharis bellowed, further flabbergasting just about everyone in the room.
"You describe me better than you could ever understand."
"Look upon Milo Hernandez, my only son!!"
"I'm not your son!! We're not even the same race!!"
"Robot is NOT a race."
Windsor leaned in next to Aktaf. "Respected by his men!? I feel like he ate his men", he exclaimed in a whisper. Aktaf stared forward unresponsively in shock at what they'd be working with as Kharis went back and forth with Milo.
"I meant before that! I'm pretty sure I was hispanic!"
"Hispanic is not a race!"
"OK!! OK OK OK OK OK!! I've had enough LITERAL NONSENSE for one day!!!", Liesel yelled ackily. "Kharis. You are going to pay for me and Aktaf's door."
"You're not in charge, lady!"
"But I am." Aktaf stepped forward and onto the table, the length of which he walked down until he was face-to-face with Kharis. "And as for things you won't be doing, number one is disrespecting your superior officers, which includes my wife."
Kharis stared Aktaf in the eyes with intensity that could eviscerate the sun. He slowly raised his fist, heightening the degree to which everyone in the room was already on edge, and thrust it swiftly and heartily against his chest in salute.
"By your command, boss man", he said with the utmost sincerity and far too much heart and gusto, as a solitary tear rolled down his cheek and into his bushy, unkempt beard.
Aktaf strode to the center of the table. "Tonight we gather at this table to discuss our invitation by Emperor Calus of the Cabal Empire to his palace aboard the Leviathan. Tomorrow we begin training with Lord Shaxx, based on his experience with Cabal elite and field data gathered by his favorite Guardian who he refuses to tell us anything about, I assume because they probably don't exist and he just wants to hurt everyone's feelings to make us fight harder or something. One week later, we make good on our RSVP. We have no idea what we're in for. Unlike Atheon and Crota, we don't have the mistakes of those who came before to learn from, and unlike Oryx, we don't have his unexpectedly touching and oddly poignant personal account of the last 4,000,000,000,000 years or so. We know nothing. Only the theories of the Cryptarchy. When we board that ship, this team must be as one. We speak for humanity. If we are tried by combat, we must be as fluid as a single snake, as impenetrable as the walls of Forlí."
"Forlí is the best analog--"
"Shut it Alois. Look, we threw this vaguely classy culty little get-together sorta deal, it's important that we get along and be comfortable with the situation by the time we head out. OK? Let's drink some wine and pretend it's actually from 1349."
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  1. 198 points, 38 submissions: G_Petronius
    1. Quella faccia di cazzo di MyPendrive mi ha chiesto di censurare un thread in cui i mod di /italy vengono sputtanati a fare i gradassi con un utente dopo averlo bannato. Siccome qui invece vige la trasparenza, pubblico tutto e metto in sticky. (17 points, 99 comments)
    2. La guardia costiera libica ha riportato a riva un barcone con 500 migranti mentre cercava di raggiungere una nave delle ONG (12 points, 33 comments)
    3. Dove si svolgono le operazioni di "salvataggio" delle ONG (11 points, 3 comments)
    4. Popolare di Vicenza e Veneto Banca, entrambe detenute al 99% dal Fondo Atlante, hanno bisogno di 1.25 miliardi di ricapitalizzazione da privati (10 points, 6 comments)
    5. Un utente di /italy percula i precedenti thread in cui si ironizzava sul blitz "inutile" anti-immigrati, commento immediatamente rimosso (10 points, 26 comments)
    6. Una risorsa esibisce diversità culturale a piazza Indipendenza, Roma (pieno centro) (9 points, 18 comments)
    7. /italy censura senza alcuna giustificazione o notifica un articolo sull'incontro fra George Soros, controverso miliardario e finanziatore di gruppi pro-immigrazione, e il premier Gentiloni (8 points, 11 comments)
    8. /italy usa un trucco CSS per nascondere il fatto che i commenti sono stati rimossi dai moderatori (8 points, 18 comments)
    9. Istat: scompaiono la classe operaia e la piccola borghesia, aumentano le disuguaglianze (8 points, 17 comments)
    10. Risorse assalgono e rapinano giovane in zona Termini (8 points, 2 comments)
  2. 168 points, 39 submissions: DiamantePazzo
    1. La marcia pro-migranti di Milano: un'analisti dei commenti di Il Post. (10 points, 35 comments)
    2. Nasce una flotta anti-Ong: "Così faremo il blocco navale". (9 points, 7 comments)
    3. Sono stato bannato da Italy - parte 2 (8 points, 15 comments)
    4. Gentiloni approva il CETA in silenzio stampa (7 points, 3 comments)
    5. Il quartiere di Parigi in mano agli arabi: "Qui le donne non sono accettate". (6 points, 2 comments)
    6. La propaganda pro migranti assume toni sempre più assurdi. Da La Stampa: "Sempre più allergici e malati. Ma a rafforzare i nostri bimbi saranno i microbi africani". (6 points, 11 comments)
    7. Maturità 2017 e Ramadan: spostare le date o dispensare gli studenti? (6 points, 11 comments)
    8. Nasce la flotta patriottica che combatte le ONG. Un gruppo di ragazzi raccoglie fondi per equipaggiare navi da usare contro le Ong che traghettano i migranti: "Difenderemo la nostra terra" [ crocepalo italy] (6 points, 23 comments)
    9. Ragazzi, venite a lavorare gratis? (6 points, 2 comments)
    10. Serracchiani: "Stupro da un profugo è ancor più inaccettabile". La sinistra contro Serracchiani. (6 points, 7 comments)
  3. 161 points, 46 submissions: SpiegoLeDiscussioni
    1. [OC/REPOST] Ho analizzato i dati ISTAT 2016 per capire qual è la migliore provincia Italiana per rimorchiare (12 points, 8 comments)
    2. Islam: The Politically Incorrect Truth (10 points, 3 comments)
    3. Analfabeta ma giusto (9 points, 8 comments)
    4. Manchester, il kamikaze è un giovane inglese di origini libiche, Salman Abedi, 23 anni (8 points, 28 comments)
    5. Attentato Manchester, altri due arresti. Media: "Abedi segnalato 5 volte". Gb contro Usa per fuga notizie (7 points, 13 comments)
    6. LIDL e l'incidente con i rom: la versione del magazziniere [Facebook] (7 points, 6 comments)
    7. La Svezia archivia l’accusa di stupro per Assange (7 points, 19 comments)
    9. Ecco le regioni d'Europa con più lavoro e quelle con più disoccupati (5 points, 2 comments)
    10. La mappa, i confini e i corridoi: ecco le rotte dei migranti verso l'Europa (5 points, 0 comments)
  4. 66 points, 24 submissions: GrandeDong
    1. OHI che si può essere nazisti e voler concedere il diritto di voto solo ai capi di famiglia sposati ma frequentare in segreto i ladyboy thailandesi (9 points, 3 comments)
    2. Oltre metà degli italiani - praticamente tutti - non si fida delle Ong criminose (7 points, 7 comments)
    3. Ong e migranti, il magistrato Carmelo Zuccaro ha perfettamente ragione! (6 points, 2 comments)
    4. Il grido di allarme di Lella Costa: 'Le donazioni alle Ong sono crollate. Quanta superficialità' (5 points, 4 comments)
    5. Milano: ragazzo suicida davanti ai passanti. "bisogna rafforzare ancora di più la rete degli interventi sociali". (5 points, 0 comments)
    6. Carabinieri arrestano gruppo di amici italiani: hobbisti, artisti e amanti dell'attività aerobica all'aria aperta. (4 points, 2 comments)
    7. Denuncia dalla Libia: le Ong vengono nel nostro paese e rubano il lavoro agli scafisti. (4 points, 0 comments)
    8. Breaking News! Trump controllato da una rana aliena. (3 points, 2 comments)
    9. Ong, il centrodestra moderato: «Stanno devastando l'Italia. Fermiamole a costo di usare la forza. Difendiamo Zuccaro, ultimo procuratore onesto!» (3 points, 4 comments)
    10. Cosa non bisognerebbe MAI fare a ogni segno zodiacale (2 points, 1 comment)
  5. 39 points, 6 submissions: vitalijzad
    1. ONG: chi le finanzia veramente? E perché hanno queste e proprio queste priorità? (9 points, 4 comments)
    2. Withdrawal of Italy from the euro area: Stochastic simulations of a structural macroeconometric model (8 points, 7 comments)
    3. De Bortoli smonta la narrazione del "nessun conflitto di interessi". E Unicredit nega pressioni politiche ma non colloqui e contatti informali (7 points, 3 comments)
    4. Moric: «mi candido con CasaPound e sarò capolista» (7 points, 8 comments)
    5. La Guardia costiera libica dà ragione a Zuccaro: "ONG responsabili dell'aumento del flusso migratorio" (4 points, 5 comments)
    6. Organizzazioni private che si sostituiscono a forze politiche e a volontà delle nazioni. (4 points, 5 comments)
  6. 36 points, 8 submissions: enrico-vasaio
    1. Vista la merda che italy tira contro Trump vorrei ricordare questa perla di Lord Obama il Magnifico a Roma. Xpostatela pure sulla fogna. (9 points, 6 comments)
    3. Stuprata in un Kebab dal branco di profughi (6 points, 22 comments)
    4. Arrestato Eric Clanton, l'antifa che ha aggredito i manifestanti pro Trump con un lucchetto (5 points, 6 comments)
    5. Per quale ragione la gente di sinistra sente il bisogno di ribaltare qualsiasi stereotipo, norma sociale o forma di buonsenso? (4 points, 18 comments)
    6. Cosa sta tentando di dirci questa risorsa appena sbarcata? (3 points, 1 comment)
    7. Le cazzate di Saverio Tommasi riguardo l'attentato e la reazione della gente che non tollera più. (2 points, 5 comments)
    8. Vorrei sapere come sta andando l'andamento degli iscritti su italy. Come posso fare? (1 point, 1 comment)
  7. 31 points, 8 submissions: sapori
    1. Curano l’otite del bimbo con l'omeopatia. L'infezione peggiora, il piccolo è in coma (6 points, 5 comments)
    2. Attacco armato a bus di cristiani in Egitto: “Ci sparavano contro e filmavano tutto” (5 points, 2 comments)
    3. Migranti: media, 6,6 milioni in attesa di venire in Europa (5 points, 4 comments)
    4. Milano, militare e poliziotto feriti da immigrato in Stazione Centrale (5 points, 1 comment)
    5. Il topo d'appartamento romeno: "Rubo in Italia perché più sicuro" (4 points, 3 comments)
    6. Microsoft, la Ue ostaggio dei suoi software. Così i governi si sono consegnati alla multinazionale (4 points, 0 comments)
    7. Milleproroghe - Flixbus, indietro tutta: stop ai mezzi low cost dopo un emendamento capestro (1 point, 1 comment)
    8. Quei 5 milioni di amanti delle cure alternative (1 point, 0 comments)
  8. 27 points, 5 submissions: in-verso
    1. "Tu pensa a dove vuoi mettere la cinepresa, al personaggio ci penso io" - Gian Maria Volontè, lo sguardo ribelle del cinema italiano (7 points, 4 comments)
    2. Giovanni Falcone, il coraggio oltre la paura - 25 anni dopo la strage di Capaci, il suo ricordo è più vivo che mai (6 points, 0 comments)
    3. Per non dimenticare: 39 anni fa il giornalista e attivista antimafia Peppino Impastato veniva ucciso da Cosa Nostra (6 points, 4 comments)
    4. "Non togliermi neppure una ruga. Le ho pagate tutte care" - Alla (ri)scoperta di Anna Magnani, donna e attrice straordinaria, simbolo del Neorealismo (5 points, 0 comments)
    5. "Volevamo guardarci in faccia, dirci la verità, scoprire chi eravamo veramente" - Vittorio De Sica, il regista della dignità (3 points, 0 comments)
  9. 20 points, 6 submissions: masterlesshadow
    1. Della disinformazione sistematica e programmata (vi voglio bene, fate divertire). (5 points, 16 comments)
    2. Non sono né omofobo né razzista né liberista. Mi sto stancando però di doverlo ripetere in questo sistema distopico. (5 points, 11 comments)
    3. Ivanka Trump guarda una foto di Chinaglia e chiede: «Che santo è?» (4 points, 3 comments)
    4. Another Rigged Market: Scientific Study Finds Systemic VIX Auction Manipulation (3 points, 5 comments)
    5. Indovinello. Mi hanno inviato questa immagine con una mail dal titolo "do you guys want this? Well... ask nicely". Trovate il motivo per cui SUBITO posso mandarlo a fanculo. (2 points, 17 comments)
    6. Trump dice che prenderà tempo per gli accordi sul clima. Il bello è come comunica la data (ricorda la fine di Ken Il Guerriero: "to be continued...") (1 point, 8 comments)
  10. 16 points, 3 submissions: Asbestasio
    1. generation identitaire cerca di impedire la partenza una nave di una ong in sicilia (7 points, 3 comments)
    2. la gente normale non conta un cazzo, sbarchi immigrati in sicilia bloccati durante il G7 (7 points, 6 comments)
    3. G7: si apre il vertice (2 points, 8 comments)

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  1. Quella faccia di cazzo di MyPendrive mi ha chiesto di censurare un thread in cui i mod di /italy vengono sputtanati a fare i gradassi con un utente dopo averlo bannato. Siccome qui invece vige la trasparenza, pubblico tutto e metto in sticky. by G_Petronius (17 points, 99 comments)
  2. Ed ecco il "ho il pene corto, quindi devo prendermi soddisfazioni in altri modi" dei mod di italy di oggi. by freecris (14 points, 15 comments)
  3. Non l'eroe di cui abbiamo bisogno ma l'errore che non ci meritiamo. by unritalianopentito (13 points, 5 comments)
  4. La guardia costiera libica ha riportato a riva un barcone con 500 migranti mentre cercava di raggiungere una nave delle ONG by G_Petronius (12 points, 33 comments)
  5. [OC/REPOST] Ho analizzato i dati ISTAT 2016 per capire qual è la migliore provincia Italiana per rimorchiare by SpiegoLeDiscussioni (12 points, 8 comments)
  6. [AMA] Ciao, ieri sera ho abbandonato /italy, AMA by SteppenwolfJohn (11 points, 43 comments)
  7. Dove si svolgono le operazioni di "salvataggio" delle ONG by G_Petronius (11 points, 3 comments)
  8. La marcia pro-migranti di Milano: un'analisti dei commenti di Il Post. by DiamantePazzo (10 points, 35 comments)
  9. Un utente di /italy percula i precedenti thread in cui si ironizzava sul blitz "inutile" anti-immigrati, commento immediatamente rimosso by G_Petronius (10 points, 26 comments)
  10. Popolare di Vicenza e Veneto Banca, entrambe detenute al 99% dal Fondo Atlante, hanno bisogno di 1.25 miliardi di ricapitalizzazione da privati by G_Petronius (10 points, 6 comments)

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  1. 10 points: Riverbero19's comment in Maturità 2017 e Ramadan: spostare le date o dispensare gli studenti?
  2. 10 points: SpiegoLeDiscussioni's comment in Serracchiani: "Stupro da un profugo è ancor più inaccettabile". La sinistra contro Serracchiani.
  3. 10 points: SpiegoLeDiscussioni's comment in Quella faccia di cazzo di MyPendrive mi ha chiesto di censurare un thread in cui i mod di /italy vengono sputtanati a fare i gradassi con un utente dopo averlo bannato. Siccome qui invece vige la trasparenza, pubblico tutto e metto in sticky.
  4. 9 points: G_Petronius's comment in Quella faccia di cazzo di MyPendrive mi ha chiesto di censurare un thread in cui i mod di /italy vengono sputtanati a fare i gradassi con un utente dopo averlo bannato. Siccome qui invece vige la trasparenza, pubblico tutto e metto in sticky.
  5. 8 points: G_Petronius's comment in [RANTolo] La lega nn e' mai stata il mio partito, puttanella
  6. 8 points: kurlash's comment in Quella faccia di cazzo di MyPendrive mi ha chiesto di censurare un thread in cui i mod di /italy vengono sputtanati a fare i gradassi con un utente dopo averlo bannato. Siccome qui invece vige la trasparenza, pubblico tutto e metto in sticky.
  7. 8 points: masterlesshadow's comment in Emergency plan for terrorist attacks. [crocepalo da imgoingtohellforthis]
  8. 8 points: vitalijzad's comment in La guardia costiera libica ha riportato a riva un barcone con 500 migranti mentre cercava di raggiungere una nave delle ONG
  9. 7 points: Asbestasio's comment in Divorzio, l'ex moglie del ministro che ha perso l'assegno: "Sentenza punisce tutte le donne"
  10. 7 points: DiamantePazzo's comment in Maturità 2017 e Ramadan: spostare le date o dispensare gli studenti?
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2017.04.25 13:09 KurrKurr [Spoilers S04E01] The best scene of the episode!

They were like:
This had me cracking up completely...
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Popular on YouTube - YouTube 12 year old Eliza Dushku in 'That Night' (1992) - YouTube Being A Ladyboy (Trans Woman) In Thailand  THE VOICELESS ... Combat signatures, ghost & data-sites behind enemy lines ... YouTube Khaosan Road After Midnight - RAW and UNFILTERED - YouTube HOW TO PICK UP LADYBOYS 2016  BANGKOK THAILAND  ฝรั่งจีบ ... An afternoon with a ladyboy in the Philippines - YouTube

David Carradine murdered by Lady Boys - the Data Lounge

  1. Popular on YouTube - YouTube
  2. 12 year old Eliza Dushku in 'That Night' (1992) - YouTube
  3. Being A Ladyboy (Trans Woman) In Thailand THE VOICELESS ...
  4. Combat signatures, ghost & data-sites behind enemy lines ...
  5. YouTube
  6. Khaosan Road After Midnight - RAW and UNFILTERED - YouTube
  8. An afternoon with a ladyboy in the Philippines - YouTube
  9. Dari Penebus Dosa sampai Pelecehan.!! 7 Fakta Tentang ...
  10. 3 Mistakes Dating a Filipina: Advice from Tim K - YouTube

The pulse of what's popular on YouTube. Check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people are watching right now. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Thai population. Sp... Thailand sudah populer seantero jagat, sebagai salah satu negara dengan jumlah transgender terbanyak di dunia. Kalian tahu berapa jumlah jenis kelamin di san... Eliza's first movie in 1992 (with Katherine Heigl). She was 12 years old. An afternoon with a ladyboy in Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines. Plaridel is a small provincial town. Follow my blog at Follow me on Twit... HOW TO PICK UP LADYBOYS 2016 BANGKOK THAILAND ฝรั่งจีบกระเทย A lot of people been asking me to make another video on picking up ... Khaosan Road After Midnight - RAW and UNFILTERED - Bangkok Vlog 222 * Camera used in this video: * Best Thai Dating Site: https://tiny... A little educational stream about combat exploration behind enemy lines with the setup I usually run (click 'SHOW MORE' for fits and timestamps :-) ) Here ar... 3 Mistakes Dating a Filipina. What else would you add to this list? Shot On: Sony FDR-X3000 Microphone Used: Rode VideoMicro https://...